Ghost power-up: shadows are still visible on iOS

I just did the Stage 5: Flat is Fast B cat race on the Greater Flat London course. Event ID=4044903

At the start I noticed a small smudge beside my avatar. Then when someone close by used their ghost power-up I realised what the smudge was. It was the shadows of the riders being still visible when they had their ghost power-up active.

I use an Apple iPad for Zwift so the shadows are the simple shadows and not the more detailed ones you can get on PC or Mac. I’ve just checked on YouTube for a livestream of a similar event and can confirm that with the more detailed shadows, they disappear when the ghost is used, as they should.

Now, I don’t know if the shadows have always been visible on iOS (I’m sure I would have noticed it before if they were). I know that the firesocks fire trails have always been visible when someone used the ghost power-up.

Or maybe it’s because I’m still on the old version of Zwift (1.56.0 (124332)). I just haven’t updated to the latest version because of the problems it’s had.

I also don’t know how long the bug has been there. All I know is this is the first time I’ve noticed it.

Sorry I couldn’t get a screenshot. I was a bit busy at the time.

Long story short: Other rider shadows are still visible when they use the Ghost power-up (on Apple iOS).