Tour de Oz kit not showing on Apple TV

While it’s not a big deal I thought I’d throw this out there.

I’m using Zwift on Apple TV (not 4k) and when I go to the TdOz events my kit changes automatically but not to the event specific kit, just the regular entry level grey Zwift kit. Other riders around me seem in whatever they have as their current avatar settings.

I did a “Just Watch” session on my iPad and followed people who were doing a stage and everyone seemed to be in the event kit. So is this just a matter of Apple TV clients not getting or seeing the event kit?

EDIT: Actually it appears your Zwift app is not up to date. Update your app in the App Store (by selecting the app in the App Store and checking if there is an update) and your event kit should start appearing. :slight_smile:


Does this happen every time you enter the Tour de Oz events on your Apple TV? Or just that one singular time? When close the app and reopen it do you still encounter that bug? 


It did happen on all 3 stages I’ve done. I’ll check the for the update when I get home.

Silly me relying on the auto-update feature to work properly.

Yeah we’ve had some feedback on the auto update features as sometimes you can still get in without it prompting you to update. We’re looking into new possible ways of ensuring an update before riding. Thanks again for writing in Rodger!