Apple TV not retaining bike selection

Having formerly been a PC app user, I’ve moved to using the Apple TV app. I am having an issue with the Apple TV version retaining my bike/wheel choice between sessions.

For example, I had the Cervelo P3 and Zipp 808/Super 8 combo which I finished one ride on, and the nexr day chose and finished on the Tron frame. When I came back to the app the third day, my bike had reverted back to the Cervelo P3 and Zipp 808/Super 8.

At that point I chose the Specialized S-Works Venge and Zipp 858, finished the ride and closed the app. Come back the next day, and the bike that loaded was now the Specialized S-Works Venge and the Zipp 808/Super 8 ! WTF ? I’ve never used that combo before.

I have never had this issue on the PC version of Zwift, as it retains the last chosen bike setup between sessions. Does anyone else have this issue with Apple TV ?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve experienced the Cape Epic bug in the Zwift server-side issue, but nothing like this before. Seems to reoccur across Zwift Apple TV updates as well. I am running tvOS 13.3.1 (17K795) on the Apple TV 64GB A1842. The Zwift version is 1.0.46903.

I use ATV and have not experienced this issue, either. Which version of Zwift are you running on the ATV?

Just forethought forgetting to add that to my last reply ! The Zwift version is 1.0.46903.

The good old uninstall and reinstall :wink: Thanks for the suggestion! I will give it a try after work today.

I am having this exact problem, on Apple TV and on my PC version. Game always defaults to Zwift Carbon bike, and SES 3.4 wheels.

Sorry to hear it effects others. I put a ticket in to Zwift. It has the same effect on my PC as well. I sent in PC logs, and waiting to get instructions to access Apple TV logs.

Yey, it works now! I uninstalled the PC version, then tried via Apple TV and had no success. I then uninstalled the Apple TV version, and then reinstalled the Apple TV version. The bike selection is now saved between rides/closing.

I’ll keep the PC version uninstalled for now, don’t want to mess anything up.

I think you may find that the app is being left running in the background. If you double click the Screen button on the remote, then swipe up on the Zwift app to close it, do you still have your last bike selected once you restart and log into the app ?