Wheel of fortune

I dont think wheel of fortune works for me, everytime IT hits the helmet on Alpe du Zwift, it doesnt add it to my garage/inventory.
Does anyone else have had same experirience, or any comments on that issue ?

You only receive the helmet, gloves or wheels once. After that, each time the wheel indicates that prize, you receive instead 250, 250 or 1000XP, respectively, for those items.

Just to be sure I understand, do you mean that you have never received that specific helmet in your garage, despite having seen it come on the wheel more than once?

Edit: the helmet that the Alpe gets you is the Lazer Bullet.

Exactly. I never received it. But the wheel landed on the helmet.

Weird. One possible explanation is that you might have had Zwift open on another device at the same time and when you saved the ride, it didn’t go through. But that would probably not give you the full ride report as is currently visible.
I looked through your rides for the last few months. I couldn’t locate an Alpe ride where it indicated in the ride report that you won the helmet, but there were two cases of gloves, which is odd.

Next stop, try Zwift support directly?

Thanks Roule.
THX for Your answers.
I will Continue to try.

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