Alpe du Zwift rewards

Hi can any help me! I’ve completed Alpe du Zwift 4 times in the last few days. The roulette wheel landed on gloves 3 times and most recently a helmet. None of which are in my garage. I’m relatively new to Zwift not sure if I’m missing something…All help welcome.

Hi @Martin_Casey_VCB, welcome to the forums!

Are you sure you are looking in the garage and not the drop shop? The drop shop is on the right hand side of the garage and is where you purchase bike frames and wheels only. The other items you unlock will be on the left hand side under their corresponding category (helmet, gloves, socks, jersey, etc.).


Yeah definitely the garage. The first time i did it i got a pair of red spotted gloves. Which were in the garage. But the last few times i finished the wheel stopped on the item but no banner came up on the bottom of the screen and nothing in the garage! 4 times this week I’ve completed it and nothing! 3 pairs of gloves and a helmet missing!

If you already have the gloves and helmet, then you don’t get them a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time. It is the same item, you can’t get them more than once.

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Right! Is there only one pair of gloves? The only helmet i have other than the zwift ones is the lazer one, would that be it?

Yup that’s it

I believe if you land on the same item you’ve already won you get a 250 xp bonus instead. Also the first couple times I did the Alpe I was so exhausted I didn’t even think of going back down to gain the extra xp. Hopefully this isn’t the case with you as well.

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What James said is correct. If the prize wheel lands on an item you’ve already received, you are given an additional 250 xp points. The exception is the lightweight wheels. If you already have them and the prize wheel lands on them again, you receive an additional 1,000 xp points.

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Correct on the XP as the other poster said. Unfortunately you just need to keep climbing it to get the wheels, etc. Took me 8 times to get the wheels and now I am working my way towards 25 for the achievement. Not in a hurry though as getting the route badges now with the Tron that I got a while back.

I’m trying to climb it 3 times a week. Hopefully the wheels will come soon… And eventually the tron… I’ve tried to explain all this to the wife! She thinks I’m mad😂 Maybe she is right!!! Thanks for all your help and Ride on!


Haha for sure. Whatever keeps you motivated is all that matters.

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