Alpe rewards

I thought that completion of Alpe du Zwift always resulted in the ‘wheel of fortune’ with the opportunity to win the Meilenstein wheels? I climbed it today in a group event and did not get the ‘wheel’ and no bonus. Does it not work for group events?

Hi @Andrew_L2 welcome to the forum.

It doesn’t work for events that finish at the top.

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Thanks Gerrie. Good to know - I wont be joining any more of those!

Best way would be just get a group of your friends together and start at Road to Sky same time every day and ride up there.

Once you get the wheels once you’ll tend to get them very frequently. The other week I had them 3 times during the week. That’s not very nice for those who are struggling to get them.

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Thanks Chris. I have several pairs of gloves and a couple of helmets. Hopefully next time I will get the wheels!

Also, when you reach level 32 you can buy the Roval Alpinist wheels which are equivalent to the Meilensteins. I haven’t got the free wheels yet but I stopped caring at that point.


You do still get it. You just can’t see it because it’s hidden by the leaderboard.

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Thanks James.

I remember there was a issue with distance based races up the Alpe.

I think that was just for zpoints.

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Good to know thanks.

I sometimes ride on Road to Sky around 5pm to 5:15pm Australian eastern standard time (starting time) on weekdays. The best way to get them is just ride ADZ plenty of times.

I usually do about 3.0-3.6w/kg. You are welcome to join. Our little group has only a couple of rules, no workout mode and must use HR monitor.

After 2000 times up the alpe, you’ll stop caring… :wink:


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Is there any way of finding out what you have been awarded? Presumably if you have no new kit in the garage then it will have been XP points?

I don’t think there’s anyway of finding out, but it would be XP if you didn’t have anything new in your garage.

I got the wheels on my 12th time up (got many unwanted gloves and helmets before then). After getting the wheels it seems that I get them again every 2 (or maybe 3) times up, so I do think the chance of getting the 1000XP bonus after getting the wheels is much higher than the chance of getting the wheels.

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My pet theory is that the chance of getting the wheels rises for each time you ride the Alpe. So on the first try it’s 1%, on the second try 2%, third try 3% etc. That would mean that you have a 50/50 chance of getting the wheels on your first 11 tries, and most people would get them between their 5th and their 20th rides. If you’re very lucky you can even get them on your first ride. And some unlucky guy can ride 30 times without getting them…
This also explains why many people say that once you have the wheels, you seem to get them more often. There’s probably an upper limit to the percentage, maybe 40% or 50%, so you don’t get the wheels every time no matter how many rides you do.

For me it doesn’t seem like there’s been any change since getting the wheels. Seems like it’s been pretty consistent every 2 (or 3 times if I’m unlucky) on average since then, to me I haven’t noticed an increase with more attempts.