Level 21 unlock

Hi all, I completed level 21 tonight but it seems that I have not unlocked anything has this happened to anyone else?
Thanks Barry T

Jp, same here.

Many level unlocks changed with the addition of the drop shop.

Here’s what you can now get in the drop shop at level 21, its the canyon speedmax frame:

Oh, isee :grinning: Thanks!

Thanks very much for the info :+1:

Same here, I hit level 21 and absolut nothing new in my garage or in my locker.
Zwift Insider says you unlock neon kits at level 21 (whatever this is) and the speedmax in the drop shop.
I can see the speedmax, but no neon kit.

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Anyone still missing unlocks:

If you check your garage and can’t find the unlocks you earned, I invite you to submit a support ticket with a screenshot of your garage so we can verify what’s missing and manually unlock the item for you. The process can take some time depending on how many requests we have, but we’re more than happy to do that for you. You all deserve the items you worked so hard for! :slight_smile:

Ride On!

All ok found everything in garage

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I don’t have the neon kit either I have just had a look

Same. In fact on the ride I hit level 21 there is no visual confirmation of it, in the companion app it would normally show the “level up!” Icon but I don’t have that :man_shrugging:

Same here, nothing popped up, no notification at the the of the ride, and no neon kit.

same here. I was supposed to get the neon kit and can’t find it. in which section is it ?