No Unlocks

I haven’t received any unlocks I gained from my last two rides including the big spin 2
I’ve had no luck resolving this in Zwift chat any ideas?

Hi @Susi_Naylor_WCC, welcome to the forums.

Do you use the companion app? Your prizes are listed there on your activity detail. Yesterdays big spin ride got you the London Punk Kit.

For leveling up to 25 today you got a cycling cap and the level 25 kit.

All these items can be found in your “garage” in the game.

Hi , I do they are listed in The Companion app but aren’t in my Garage. I’ve just done a route , got a jersey, hat and levelled up , non of it is in my garage and my lovely hasn’t changed.

:grinning:that’s level hasn’t changed not lovely.

Any chance you have logged in to the game on more than one device? That’s a common reason for losing all kinds of progress in the game. If that might have happened, delete the app from the devices you’re not actively using.

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@Mike_Rowe1 and @Paul_Southworth, I appreciate your always kind help for our community members.

Hi @Susi_Naylor_WCC. Thanks for contacting us on this space. It’s Juan from Zwift. I understand how important it is for you to see your London Punk Kit in your garage after doing a great performance.

I see that you’ve already open a support ticket, I’ve gone ahead and connected you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support to drill down on this. See you soon!