My minor issue with the big spin

I’ve completed stage 1 of the big spin event 3 times now. Very enjoyable, but I haven’t received the big spin kit, which I’m informed should be in my garage after completing any one event. Is that normal? If not, any ideas how I get the kit please?

You were misinformed

But, are we supposed to have a wheel to spin for each leg we complete? I completed the first leg and didn’t get a wheel to spin and am not sure why not or if I just misunderstood it.

yes, it will automatically come up on screen after you cross the finish line, there is nothing you need to do manually.

and if I am looking at the correct Chris Butcher on the companion app, you got the atomic cruiser bike… good one, haven’t gotten it yet myself.

Okay, it must have spun and I missed it. I do see that bike now. Thank you Mike!

it is right in the middle of the screen towards the top, just under the HUD that displays how much distance is left in the ride, etc… honestly it is pretty hard to miss… but I’ve seen a lot of reports where people don’t see it for whatever reason?

I also had no idea how to “spin” anything. I wish it would show up on the screen at the end to tell you. I have completed two stages without spinning, does that mean I get nothing?

Thank you, Mike, for the most complete instructions on how to spin that I’ve been able to find. I feel like that should be on the webpage announcement.

You don’t have to “do” anything specific for the wheel to spin and for your reward to be chosen. It happens automatically when you ride through the finish arch.

If you look at your ride summary on the Zwift website or the Companion App it should confirm there which item you’ve unlocked on that ride.


I just completed two laps of the big spin stage 2 in London and got no rewards at all. I checked my Zwift companion and it confirms this. What the actual heck is going on? I rode two laps of stage 1 and got the headphones and helmet, this time Stage 2 gave me nothing. Please help.

As you get further into the series, it becomes increasingly possible that the spinner will land on an item you’ve already received, in which case you will receive a drops bonus but that won’t show up in Companion.

The spinner never appeared on my screen for any rolls whatsoever for both laps.

Yeah there have been a few reports of that already (see the Big Spin thread). When that happens people usually either get something (visible in Companion) or they get drops (not visible in Companion). There’s probably a bug in there somewhere related to seeing the spinner.