Level 12

I’m almost at level 13 now, but I don’t recall unlocking anything at level 12? I’ve seen the level 15 jersey, but is there a list of unlockable achievements anywhere?

Zipp 202’s are what you get at 12. There’s no list as of yet, and we’re currently mocking up a much more exciting visual display for when you earn a new item. Right now we know it’s underwhelming and that is simply due to our priorities at the moment.

Ahh okay thanks Jon, I didn’t notice them. Would make more sense to me to unlock the kit in size order? 202, 404, 808, Disc?

I think it’d be a bit dull if we just unlocked things like that. You got deep zipps at Level 10 because thats a big milestone…double digit level. Other rewards come in batches (for example, you got classic jerseys, then classic wheels, then a classic frameset at one point).

Yeah you’re probably right…

Do the different wheels affect aerodynamics at this time, or are they purely aesthetic?

Was hoping the 3/12 update would have added more levels beyond 15.
Gotta keep adding those carrots to lure folks like me to keep Zwiftin’, especially as the weather is improving across the North! :slight_smile:

There is a list of all of the current unlockables on the TitaniumGeek fan Manual

It lists all the currently known unlockables as well as links to the current jersey codes

here is the link:





Did the order of unlockables change in an update?  I am currently at level 10 however, I already have the 202’s.

Honestly not sure. There has been a discussion as to the order. It’s possibly things changed, or at one point things were written down incorrectly. 

If you could drop a line when you hit level 12, that would be great, as that seems to be the confusion point, unless Zwift would like to confirm?


Unlocked Level 12 this AM on Richmond course and no rewards as far as I could tell. Of course, we have gotten a lot of goodies with the start of the UCI races and the challenge for the UCI kit and bike, so there are numerous prizes lately. This is more of an update about level 12 not having a reward versus a complaint about an AWESOME program!


I’m confused on how the unlocks work… I’ve had the 202’s for ages (I’m on level 8). All I seem to unlock is jerseys, not kit as everyone suggests. Friend of mine had Zipp 404’s from day one. Can someone explain why? I’m just intrigued…

James they have changed a few times.  Two out of my last three levels did not have any upgrades.  

The order of rewards has changed a few tikes before the final release. 


Zwift sent me the confirmed list of upgrades when they came out of beta to ensure there was no confusion. These were then incorporated into the Fan Manual on TitaniumGeek. 

It can be accessed here: