No rewards for a change in level?

I believe I had finished level 21 and was working on finishing level 22. Well tonight I completed the level and when the orange bar disappeared there was no reward for finishing the level and I don’t think I moved up to the next level.

I there anywhere I can check this information. I tried looking at the Zwift Companion app for some older rides and could not find a spot where it detailed what level you were on during that ride. Any help would be appreciated.

go to myzwift and check your level.

Here’s the list for all level unlocks:

You should unlock the level 21 neon kits if I am reading this correctly.or level 22 is a pair of socks.

On the Zwift Companion App it is showing you are on Level 22.

Zee - Thanks - I did go to the link you suggested and is showed I was on level 22. What I am trying to determine is why there was no reward shown on the screen when I completed the level last night. I am okay because I rarely change any of the clothes or bike parts. I just wanted to see why there was no notice as the completion of the level. Thanks for the help.

I don’t know your specific case, but I seem to recall that with the introduction of the Drop Shop a few months back, and the related restructuring of the ‘gifts’ for level-ups, I did not receive some items because I had actually already gotten them at an earlier level. Perhaps that is the case for you?


Yeah I’m the same. Don’t appear to have received the neon kits, whatever socks at #22, and the gloves that showed as “new” for #23 were plain black “basic” - that can’t be right? :joy:

I also remember specifically not getting a “level up” message for hitting level 21. But I did get one for 22 & 23.

Thanks Nigel and Rick.

Same thing for me…level 21 and now 22 with no “unlocks” – just want to be sure that is correct. I do already have some striped socks - - so perhaps I already had the unlock?

Just completed level 21 doing Quatch Quest route so at the top of Alpe du Zwift it showed the banner for getting the route badge, this gave extra XP which also took me up to level 22 but no banner to notify and no ‘pattern socks’ reward? Is this a bug or are the pattern socks the same as one of the pairs I might have earned doing an event challenge and then nothing new?

I’m having exactly the same problem after levelling up to 23 last night. Got the level-up notification and have verified I am on that level in Zwift, Companion and on the website. Nothing has appeared in my garage and the app is up-to-date.