Next level no unlock

Hallo, I reached level 16 yesterday. It seems that reaching the new level did not unlock any euqipment. I did not get any unlock notification and could not find any new equipment.

Not every new level unlocks items.

I reached level 21 this weekend and didn’t get any notification about new equipment either. And no equipment was marked as new in my garage.

But there was some new kits there, so I think it was only the notifications missing…

At level 16 you should have received a new pair of glasses, check if they are in your collection :slight_smile:

Thanks. I thought I would get the Fluoro Jersey Pack ( ) for level 16.
However, I could not find any new glasses, either. I have got the glasses with the black frame, white frame and the lvl4 basic glasses.
Not that I would care for glasses, but seems that something isn’t working.

That definitely seems to be the case - as I said, I never got any notifications or anything at my latest level-up either…