Make Your Own Jersey

Hi there, I just figured out how to use Jersey promo codes and would love to make my own personal Jersey/s I’m wondering how I could do that. Thanks

At the moment you cannot make your own jersey. I think fully creating your own jersey could create licensing and decency issues. I think some sort of template with plug in design elements could works though.

You can do a quick search on the forums and vote up all the existing request for this feature.

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The trademark infringement and indecency issues sound like FUD to me. I mean, Zwift already has in-game chat and avatar photos visible on ZCA.

A nice reward for level 50 would be a personal kit design, along with a promo code to let others use it.

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Zwift would also need to review all the designs (which could be a lot) and that would take time away from other needed updates.
There is also the extra load it would play in terms of graphics. My card could handle it without issue, but the low end of the specs might start to really struggle with all the new designs.

People cannot not just use any image/logo they wish. There is licensing and trademarks that absolutely need to be taken into consideration. Not sure what you mean when you say “Zwift already has in-game chat and avatar photos” and how that connects to custom jerseys.

I am not against customizable jerseys creator for having different colors, strips, and other shapes, but there needs to be over site and some control on Zwift’s side.

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My point was that in-game chat and avatar photos are existing avenues for trademark infringement and indecency. Does Zwift review every chat message? Does Zwift review every avatar photo? If the answers to these questions are “no,” then I don’t see why Zwift would have to review every kit design. The platform is already open to unmoderated user content.

Just so you know the chat is moderated and so are the avatar photos and user names. Zwift users can report indecent chat using the ZCA. I have actually reported a user name (swear word) due to it being against Zwift’s policy and as far as I know the user had to change it. I have not seen any offensive avatars yet.

If you see chat, avatar pics, or users names that you suspect that are against Zwift’s policies then report it and they WILL look into it.

Zwift is far from unmoderated.

Sorry; I meant that these things are not moderated prior to publication, which is what I thought you were suggesting had to be done for custom kits.

The same policy should work for custom kits. If you see a custom kit that you think is in violation of Zwift’s policies, then report it.

Particularly if custom kits are a reward for something as rare as level 50, I don’t think that policing them would consume that much developer time. (Not to mention that the people working on game updates probably shouldn’t be the same people looking for Swahili swear words.)

I am almost certain that is a fully customizable jersey design feature (no templates) that approval by Zwift would be needed before it went live. Jerseys are much more visible that an avatar and again trademark and copyrights need to be taken into account.

I understand what you are saying, but those things are not equal.

I could someone winning the rights to design a customized in-game jersey through a mission/challenge reward. Maybe one of the many contests that start after the first of the year (assuming based on past years) would be something to suggest.

Level 50 will not be that rare within a year, before the end of the year I will be well into the 30’s.

Surely, this must be a solved problem. Look at all of the online services that have to deal with these issues: Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Minecraft, …

And level 50 will always be a small fraction of the user base. I’d even trust you to design a tasteful, non-infringing kit by the time you get there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Youtube takes down A LOT of video that infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, swearing (they are a little too sensitive in that area) and whatever else that they see as distasteful. I would also guess this goes for Snapchat, Pineterest, Twitter, and Facebook as well. If they are not taken down they are demonetized or even claimed by other Youtube users if it is not original content.

Individuals can host Minecraft servers so that is not a good comparison.

It may be a small fraction of the Zwift user base, but it will still be a very noticeable number.

Thank you for having faith in me in the way I would design a jersey, but I would be very tempted to fined where the line of decency is :smiling_imp:

I’m not sure I buy your argument regarding the technical limitations of low-end graphics cards. Zwift only shows the nearest n riders, for some value of n. So, once we have a choice of n “standard” kits (and I suspect we’re close, if not there already), it doesn’t matter if you have a choice of n kits or 100,000 kits. Each nearby rider is only going to be wearing one kit.

This is one of the first things I looked for. I wanted to do a Silver Fern design that matches my real world favourite design, being from New Zealand, I wanted to have a NZ themed jersey.