Make Zwift Jersey customization Like Second Ife

Zwift is using technology similar to Second Life - OpenGL. Second Life had a thriving market for custom avatars and it is not difficult to create custom clothing in this environment. The question is the economics and business case of what Zwift is doing and why.

It may look similar but Zwift created the code from scratch.

Give the Zwiftcast a listen. I assume if it was easy they would not spend hours drawing Jerseys.

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Hi Gerrie, if they created the code from scratch - like all programmers - they would have looked at other major platforms including SecondLife and the open source version of SecondLife (can’t remember its name). Custom avatars is not new, not difficult and can be a source of revenue - as it was in SecondLife for the many people making and selling custom avatars. And SecondLife took a percentage.

Another bug bear is the inability to talk to nearby riders. One of the best aspects of SecondLife was being able to talk to people close by. The nonsense in Zwift with using text messages is truly horrible and something that needs to be called out.

It is disappointing that Zwift appears to be moving forward, and at the same time appears to be blocking positive inclusions like custom avatars and voice.

I agree with a post that I saw in another thread - Zwift is wide open to being replaced by a more user friendly competitor - that builds the platform with the user front and centre.

And how many Australians use Zwift? Plenty. Yet I fail to see an Australian course. The spatial data is available here for Melbourne, Sydney, etc.

It’s not just about the ability to create jerseys. If you scroll up a little bit you will see what Wes has said about the subject.

I would hate that function of hearing others talk within Zwift. There is discord for a lot of group rides that addresses this, no need for it to be integrated into Zwift.

Australian course? I would like to see more expansion to Watopia WAY before another real world location is added.


Hi Paul, I’m old enough to have seen and heard most of the excuses - the dev list is too long - we need to focus on priorities (without mentioning what they are) - the cost is too high (copy / paste from the open source version of second life?) - etc.

Have you ever heard of mute? Great functionality that! Of course people that don’t want to hear what others are saying should be provided with a mute voice button - that might take an extra hour to add! But of course this was in SecondLife wasn’t it - great minds 20 years ago eh?

Watopia is great, but nothing like the real world courses - again this is a matter of priority - what about a user poll to work out what courses should be focused on and why?

Reading the many many posts about the issues with Zwift indicate there is a pattern here - and it appears that many people are concerned their community involvement is considered a secondary issue to getting monthly revenue. In my experience, people tend to drift away when an alternative comes along.

The key is that many people use online environments to exercise and to socialise. It is vital there is a balance and that for those that want to toddle along and chat to friends as they exercise they can do so. Else they may as well find something else to do, and they will when they get bored going around the same courses for a few months.

How many groups are there for 40+ 50+ 60+ and activities scheduled? Not enough.

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Again, it’s not about the ability to be able to create the jerseys. With the new Club function it has been rumored that a custom jersey function may be coming down the line. I would expect too much customization though since it will more than likely not be able to import any images/patterns.

Discord works just fine, no need for Zwift to spend time on this function.

Zwift is a bit different than S_Life, people are on bikes pedaling and have fans and breathing hard, talking is a challenge. I would think once thousands of people start using discord and Zwift see people want it they will implement it or make it easy to join a discord channel, but now i don’t see a lot of people on discord. It is so easy to setup and very easy to use. Most online games use discord with huge success.

But back to club jerseys, first Zwift has to make it easy for the in-house team to create jerseys, before every user can start making them. Then there is the other issue that every possible jersey needs to be available to be installed on the client device so that it can be rendered when it comes in to view for a second or two.

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Not to mention the possibility of copyright infringement, and you know there are plenty of morons that will try to put nudity or offensive language/images on their avatar… someone will need to police that and approve everything before it hits the actual game… these are all resources that take away from developing more roads, which is way more important to me.


old hat Mike - SecondLife managed to do all this for twenty years - policing the idiots that is. Possibly we have gone backwards in the past couple of years, but nothing discussed is not possible and quite readily - again I point people at the open source version of SecondLife - it is all there…

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Again Gerrie, your wrong and are not helping with the excuses. Zwift is not different to SecondLife. I used to race boats, planes, etc. in SecondLife. And there are boat racing games using OpenGL - been around for decades.

Not sure why the excuses - people here are identifying legitimate requests for features that other applications demonstrate are possible - not bank busting and can be provided.

And yes, SecondLife and many other apps permitted external designed clothes to be imported. Please google, you may become educated in what is possible.

First, Zwift is not similar to SecondLife in coding so please refrain from comparing the 2. Zwift is far different than SecondLife.

Second the creation of jerseys within Zwift must not infringe upon copyrights/licensing or be offensive in anyway. Remember the client bast of Zwift can start at a young age (I have seen 7yr olds).

Please scroll up to see Zwift’s official response.

Again, with the introduction of the Club feature the creation of simple jerseys may become an option. I doubt you will be able to upload and designs or images, there will be canned ones.

Just because something is possible in another game does not mean it is in Zwift or should be in Zwift.


Hi Paul, again, Zwift is not similar to SecondLife - hopefully it is better! having been developed 20 years after SecondLife we would anticipate all of the features of SecondLife and then more! but alas it has quite a way to go to catch up to SecondLife.

And you obviously missed my earlier post - SecondLife was able to satisfactorily police the issue of clothing being appropriate. Your doubt on what might or might now happen with regards to jerseys is undoubtedly nothing more than speculation - what people here are trying to put is what they want, and your opinion is one of many.

Finally, we learn from the past. If it was in another game, and people liked it, and want it in Zwift, then it should be in Zwift. Your opinion is nothing more than that and I’m not sure it is helpful.

Do you respond in every thread and make similar statements? Personally, I would be happy for you to have a day off.

Jerseys are important, and an indication that Zwift is moving to provide more user centric outcomes. There is nothing better than riding along with a club that is identifiable and being able to talk to those around you - oh this is the real world something that Zwift should work towards emulating.

Just my 2 cents. I already own the jersey I love, thus I’m not interested in any other jerseys. Neither special one nor club/user-designed. Funny thing is, my “beloved” jersey is Australian theme (I see you are Australian). It’s probably club jersey (I’m not sure) from Geelong town. I’m not Aussie, never have been there. I just wear this jersey in memory of my beloved dog, whose name was Geelong Bullit Star (yes, he was ACD - Australian Cattle Dog). He passed away several years ago. The real irony is he didn’t like bikes at all :slight_smile:

Whereas I understand some people would like to play with their appearance, I think the more important fact is Zwift is a CYCLING application. Using my trainer to ride in a virtual world is important to me. Thus new roads, new worlds, etc is what I’m looking for. If I wanted to play with a garment, I’d buy a “Fashion simulator” not Zwift.

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Hi, I’m saddened to hear about your pet, the ACD is a great friend to have.

I’m happy that you have the jersey that you like - so many others would like to have a club or organisation jersey so that they too can feel a part of something whilst riding along - this is not a big ask and not a big cost in the overall scheme of things.

And I agree that a cycling simulator should do what we all do when cycling - we wear club jerseys and we talk to each other during our rides. Zwift should be looking to recreate the real deal - and it will benefit from doing this.

Another simulator - Virtual Regatta for cycling permits skins for boats and crew - as does Virtual Skipper - and Virtual Regatta has many more participants than I’ve seen on Zwift ever.

What I’m saying, let me be clear, is that cycling is vital, as are the courses, but the social aspects are important for many as well, and revenue comes from ensuring that you capture the interest of everyone, not just those that want to listen to spotify whilst cycling around watopia.

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Seconding your statement. Jersey creation produces a gravitation force to community draw and another revenue stream.