Live voice like SecondLife

ZWift is using a similar development environment to SecondLife. It would be great if Zwift could add voice similar to SecondLife so that you could talk with riders nearby. This is a really needed, as I’m really tired of seeing icons like a thumbs up.

With the number of users on Zwift, I would have assumed the software development would be more advanced but there are a number of simple limitations. For now the biggest need is voice.

I think Zwift feel Discord does a good enough job and frees them up to develop other aspects of the game.


Joking right? Please advertise products elsewhere.

There is no reason why Zwift should not have integrated voice capability similar to SecondLife - it is not hard to implement and would give Zwift a significant feature improvement.

I can honestly say that this is the last thing that I would want. Some people never shut up on the messaging as it is…

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No not joking.

Pretty much all group rides use Discord.

Please do your homework.

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Hi Paul, that is why they invented the volume control and mute - you can turn the sound down or off for voice in SendLife - so why not in Zwift. If you think it is great listening to the background sound fair enough, but some of us want to talk to others that we might be near.

Dear Paul, thank you for that information. I don’t group ride - you might have worked that out rather than push an unwanted software product into the discussion. I don’t want to be reliant on more software, that will fail for one reason or another when I’m riding.

Zwift, like SecondLife should have this feature. You can turn the voice on and talk to people in the immediate vicinity or you can turn it off or turn the volume down. It is not hard to implement in OpenGL.

Wouldn’t this then just be more data that needs to be handled?

I personally always have my headphones on so maybe this would be better in that I wouldn’t see the messages flash up on the screen.