Integrate with Skype or some other commonly used VOIP app

Would like to have hands-free verbal conversations with friends while riding.  Make it simple.  

Discord seems to be the go to mode of communication within Zwift at the moment.

The trouble with external audio/voice solution is that they are not proximity based.  I train on rollers, so using the mobile app, a keyboard or mouse to communicate is out.  I would love to be able to have an ad hoc conversation for example with someone I’m drafting.  I know this is doable since it’s done in virtual worlds such as Second Life.  Come on Zwift, this would be amazing for the community!

Just to clarify, when I referred to proximity based voice, I mean " If you’re near me then you can hear me."  

Apparently it’s in the works; though it is absolutely critical  they fix ZPower before this is implemented, as I am certain the dialogue will quickly turn highly toxic (just hang out in a Call of Duty lobby for a bit when someone’s cheating and see how that goes over).  There have been many times I would to love the opportunity to “have a chat” with those idiots that want to pretend they’re Froomey at the expense of screwing up everyone’s race (ie. East Coast E-Crit last week).  While “being able to chat with friends nearby” sounds like a great feature, this comes along with it, and I hope they’re aware of that.