Audio conversation

Hello, is there any developments for me to click on a rider who I’ve been cycling with, where we can use an audio mic with each other?

Only Discord or other 3rd party apps i believe. Nothing in game and no plans to.

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Hi @Mark_Berns, welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure if Zwift is working on this, but they did just add the ability to link Discord with your Zwift club. Most people use Discord to voice chat, they certainly have a lock on the market share so I wouldn’t expect Zwift to try and compete in that space.

If all you happen to want to say is 'Ride On!" or “I’m Toast!” or “Niiiiiiiice!” or “Hammer Time!”…got you covered.

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How about a political conversion
Or an interval preparation
You’ve been attacking each other for 2 laps and you want to know if they are suffering as bad as you are! A more human experience.

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I’d say a morse-code system using the ‘Ride On!’ button would work the best :slight_smile:

kill me now


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