Close Quarters voice comms while riding

Hi, In keeping with zwift bringing everything outdoors indoors.  I think there should be local voice comms.  Ie if riders are doing a group ride with in a certain distance the hopefully in built voice system in zwift would detect this and any voice comms you make be projected to those riders with in say 10 meters.   Obviously the ability to specifically chat with groups Ie a race group, or a specific group of friends would be cool too, but default mode should be just like real life.  

Lots have music playing etc so you could again expand further and offer some hardware to go with it.   A zwift specific blue tooth head set, which is light and comfee and easy to wash.  Noise cancelling mics and peakers would be good so you can clearly hear others speak and they can here you.  And some sort of push to talk button maybe on the handle bars.  You our have everything else accurately replicated except the fact that cyclists loved to chat (usually about crap) while they ride.   If there was a voice comms kit from zwift I would buy it.   Can’t be dealing with this keyboard typing, it’s 2016. 


Get it added ;) 







Are you on Teamspeak?