Call of Duty'esque Audio Communications

One of the great things about getting out on a ride is the shared chit-chat. Please add the ability to in-game communicate via microphone/speaker. Riders could choose to make themselves open to chat requests or build a list of friends that are always open to chat. Of course there would have to be a way to boot someone for inappropriate behavior.

I like this idea, I think also having the volume of “chat channels” separate from music channels and in-game noise from the bikes or whatever would be great since I’m pretty much always going to be listening to songza or pandora while riding.

But I want to up the volume on voices separately so I can hear people over my tunes.

I absolutely agree with this. Being able to meet up with a buddy or two and shoot the breeze while riding would be a HUGE plus. I also like the idea of separate audio controls for voice.

After riding today, I am in complete agreement. Another user and I were trying to link up and kept playing the passing game. I could tell we were trying to link up by the w/kg metric (which is awesome!), so it wasn’t a purposeful surging issue. Had we had comms, it would have been easier to stay together.

This would be great to link up with friends.

like this idea +1

other option is a third party app such as Teamspeak but then it becomes harder to organise.

I agree, Shane. In the group ride scenario (like 10 local or not so local friends) on Zwift, being able to communicate via earpiece/microphone like when playing Battlefield or other games on PS4 or XBox with other online players would be awesome. My guess is something like that is in the works? Being able to add riders to your “group” would be nice. I’m a junior cyclist, so being able to ride and talk with my friends across the country/world would be nice. I almost expect it from a program like this since I can communicate with my friends when playing a video game online, like when joining a squad on Battelfied/PS4.

Most of the newer laptops these days have bluetooth connection built-in. I personally have a pair of bluetooth headphones that I listen to music with while I ride. They have an integrated mic built in and that may provide an avenue for this “Team Speak”. Or just add a feature to the mobile app that takes advantage of the tablet/iphone mic.

On the other hand, when events become a thing you wouldn’t want to hear everyone talking at once. A solution that may work for this is the “Race radio” where you communicate with just your team. Or perhaps only be able to communicate with the person next to you, which is what normally happens in a race anyway. Personally I can’t hear people talking in front of or behind me in a race…

I like this idea. Vote up

It would have to work like a blue tooth phone in a car…when a “call comes in” it would have to mute my Spotify for a second (or lower the volume) since I’m almost always listening to music. Typing a message while riding isn’t very easy…

I like the idea too, but I question how long the headset will survive a down pour of sweat. I’ve destroyed several pairs of earbuds with profuse sweating and decided listening to music with earbugs during a hard workout just wasn’t worth the hassle. A set of bluetooth speaker phone would work better and stay dry. Someone should make them and sell them on :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be cussed out by some snot nose 8 year old when I pass him.

+1 awesome idea

Fantastic idea, much easier and realistic to communicate via microphone or speaker. When you are hammering you not typing a message!

+1 Agree, this would really be great!

Agree with this, would be a great adition

I like the idea …however I liked the idea initially on the PS3 console , but then the fun banter turned into complete and utter foul mouthed abuse on certain games (COD3 etc)…so I am a bit concerned that it would ruin a fantastic game like Zwift which could be hijacked by a load of bad mouthed morons…!