Adding Sponsors and Gear Marketplace

It’s fun to unlock new kits and bikes as you go in Zwift but since there is no performance advantage why not open up a virtual marketplace where riders can buy their gear to customize their rider? I’m sure that people would want to represent their nation, their actual bike or even their favorite beer company. Furthermore, why not integrate advertisements into Zwift to make it feel more like a complete cyclists world. There could be Specialized banners or a big Cannondale sign as you ride through Londons streets. A second function of this would be to bring more money and attention to Zwift in hopes of accelerating and bolstering user experience. This is really a wonderful trainer but the presence of only 3 courses which are locked into a rigid schedule is a huge shortcoming for Zwift, even more so in a world where we are used to having so many options to choose from. I’m aware that the product attracts what could be called a niche audience but there’s room for expansion!

You must be joking!!!

If I wanted advertising than I would spend the evening in front of a TV set. I sold my TV years ago for that very reason and will never go back to it.

The last thing I want to see is bloody advertising!!!

They would have to pay me a monthly fee to participate in your version of Zwift.

Would you want to pay me for being an actor in your ad? Per miles ridden?

The idea is to generate income so that the Zwift performance could be improved for the users. They ALREADY HAVE name brand bikes in the game. Did you completely miss/dismiss my comment about generating more buzz and interest in the activity of the virtual cycling trainer? 

If that comes up, we might need an add-blocker inside zwift…

I would tolerate that if zwift would be free, but i prefer in paying a few bucks every month and keep that stuff out as much as possible!


There is a performance advantage -