Zwift Advertising

I’ve noticed more and more bikes by the roadside with usernames of cycle shops. One cycle shop had 3 bikes by the roadside. Is this free or paid for advertising? Are we soon going to be riding past billboards advertising everything from bikes to energy gels?

Rædwald: I’ve guessed that this is cross-promotion. Local bike shops keep bikes on trainers connected to Zwift for their customers to experience the game. People get a glimpse of Zwift. Some of them like it enough to set up Zwift at home, and they buy some gear from the bike shop to ride at home instead of going to the gym, or sitting on the couch.

Makes perfect sense. Thanks. 

You can find the shops that have these setups on the Zwift Experience Dealers page. It’s a good start if you need to refer a friend or find some extra gear.