Pls Give Us SOME Adverts!

I would like the road sides, towns, and road chalk signs to have some advertisements. While I know there are some graphical limits on what Zwift can do in a certain screen and therefore screen real estate is precious, I would love to know things such as:

  1. When PowerBar releases a new flavor bar
  2. When Xanyon releases a new bike
  3. When Mavic releases a new wheel
  4. When Wiggle is running a sale
  5. When High-5 has a new energy drink

That type of information, even via paid advertisements, would give us something new to look for on longer rides and they would be helpfully informative, when ads are chosen well and made to be dynamic, maybe even within a ride!

Heck, many buy fashion magazines more to see the ads than the articles, so why shouldn’t Zwifter be happy to see a few ads too?


K.C. @ Team dZi

Can’t wait!

Just enable targeted advertising in Google /FB and all the other platforms you are likely to use and your dream will come true. 

Once you know when the new Canyon/whatever comes out you probably won’t object to the banks advertising loans, insurance advertising their PPIs, Private health providers selling your the latest performance pills etc, … where would YOU stop it?

If you really want all these things, because you actually need them, you sure will find the information out there in the web.

Just leave Zwift free of ads for people who want to ride, doh!


just checking my calendar - no, it’s not 1st April.

This isn’t a free application where the revenue is being made with micro transactions & advertising we’re already paying a subscription.

If this is what Team dZi is interested in then perhaps boycotting their rides is in order …

When I pay for a service, I do not expect to see any advertisements. That’s what my cycling magazines are for, Bike Radar, GCN, or Peloton!