Give away more Zwift gear, good for everyone.

If you guys give away more Zwift gear  it could only do good things for Zwift and the current riders.  As we go out and ride in group rides in real life, if we are wearing a Zwift kit other riders would ask about it and naturally we would sell them on the awesome features of Zwift.  (personally I think the platform is totally awesome).  Partner with someone to print some relatively cheap kits and give them away like candy. (you can buy a cheap kit on Amazon for $30, bulk cost can’t be that much.  The most effective advertising you will get.  I sell people on it anyway when I’m riding.  Love Zwift!

We’d love to be able to do more of this, but it does get expensive! And, at the same time, we would rather Zwift not be synonymous with cheap kit :wink:

Stay tuned for more swag give-aways, however!

What about some not so cheap kit but say, awarded to somebody who rode 50.000km or whatever or 100km elevation gain.

It would be a great incentive!

I definitely agree with the sentiment, vote up!