Accumulating drops should be credited towards

I am 2 months into using Zwift. I have earned drops to select the bike I ride and even aero wheels. The more I ride and the more I climb I unlock different levels to gaining apparel. It should be obvious to Zwift that a user who is committed to writing should you use those drops towards free real life Zwift merchandise. And now for the tour de France what does the winner of the stage really win? How about a free month off the subscription plus a free jersey. That only promotes Zwift because he or she will use the jersey on outdoor rides

Edward, it sure would be cool if we could earn real money credits while riding, and maybe one day it will happen. For now, we will have to settle for virtual bling and bragging rights. I am ok with paying my modest subscription fee so that ZHQ can continue to improve the platform (it sure wouldn’t hurt to roll out the improvements more often though :wink:).

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Isn’t real merchandise significantly more expensive than virtual?

We are only paying $15 a month here, this isn’t like some $159 a month fancy pants gym

Unfortunately anything of value as a reward just encourages cheaters to cheat the system.


One thing that might be fun would be if you could use drops to buy some of the pro team kits that are now created in Zwift, but not otherwise available to the general public. You can buy these kits IRL, so why not in Zwift? I don’t think there would be any confusion in-game, since actual pro riders get the orange ‘pro’ jersey icon next to their name.

Thanks Roger. I understand

The answer is simple, no. Drops is another way to buy stuff in the store and gear up with a new bike or kit. Let me ask another question, when you use your cell phone, do you get money from your provider? No. Its exactly the same thing.