Buying Drops

For new users they may want to buy some better equipment. Could you have the ability to buy drops in the game? Eg £10 for 100k drops?

Please no.


When drops first came out Zwift said they would never allow users to buy/sell/trade drops, they must be earned.


I get the hesitancy, but If the funds generated are ring fenced to only be used to develop forum suggested ideas then people can buy new bikes if they want and other users would benefit from more rapid development. Just a thought.

They just raised $450,000,000.

Why anyone would want to introduce the scourge that is microtransactions and ‘pay to win’ is baffling.


I would want it because I’m lazy and want instant gratification.

That said I’m glad they don’t allow it :smiley:

You’ll soon have more drops than you know what to do with.


I think if they drop the monthly subscription free to $10 and add in game buying options, they would come out ahead. The user base is only a fraction but check out how much money Fortnight (and others) have made by offering a great game for free and purchase options for cosmetic skins, battle passes (unlock extra bonus), etc.

To say never is a very stupid thing. Similar to how SRAM said they wouldn’t go electric a few years back as they didn’t see the need. Look at them now.

You and folks like you would make them a lot of money. I’m sure there are $650+ million worth of shareholders over the last couple years that would love to sell you some drops.

Please see above. Investors care about ROI. They need to raise cash from the subscribers to pay the investors back. This will either be done by increasing subscription fees, selling hardware, offering micro-transactions and/or going public.

Well considering who just joined the board (and comments from Eric Min in the past) I suspect we’ll see it before long anyway. I just don’t see why anyone would actively want it.

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We have become a society of instant gratification. “We” want it NOW and don’t mind if someone profits off it of. See how Amazon Prime nearly instant shipping has exploded.

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No, no, please, no… I don’t want Zwift to become one of those platforms where you have to pay extra to succeed. Besides, you can train just fine without getting anything from the Drop Store. In fact, I have yet to spend any of my drops.


For what it’s worth, none of those in game transactions within Fortnight are performance enhancing. They are purely cosmetic. So think Jerseys, helmets, shoes, gloves, etc.

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All good things come to those who wait… :wink:

I bought a TT bike ages ago and also bought the same bike & wheels that I ride on the road. I wear the same kit that I have done for about 18 months. I have millions of drops with no idea of what I’m missing out on.


Please no. I actually love the honesty of having to earn drops to buy upgrades. You can’t cheat training hard and being rewarded.


There’s recently been some game-busting items available at relatively low levels – the DT Suisse wheels and Tarmac SL7 combination is competitive with anything else in the game, then the Cannondale Evo or the Everest Challenge Trek Emonda are available early and provide jiust a bit better climbing, and if you make it up to level 23, I think. the Canyon Aeroroad is very close to even the Tron bike (which becomes accessible by around level 20, without too much focus on climbing) in its combination of climbing and aerodynamics.

I’m awaiting for the Specialized Aeros to come in the next release and become the top climbing bike, even though in reality it’s no lighter than the Canyon Ultimate.

But equipment is such a subtle effect, even the Zwift Carbon bike with the DT Suisse wheels is a very competitive combination.

It would be kind of cool if you could challenge someone to a race or short sprint in game or something and the winner takes some of the losers drops.


i would like to sell drops - is it possible? :innocent: :grin:

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There aren’t enough carrots in the game as is. They need MORE incentives to ride and put in the kms not fewer because you can buy your way out of it.

I need more challenges, more Easter eggs, more games, MORE video game stuff really

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