Something to spend our drops on

The Zwift drops economy is seriously overheating for any rider who has been around in the game for any length of time and as a result completely worthless.

I have millions and millions and absolutely nothing to spend it on.

If you dont keep on top of gamification elements like this and just throw them into the mix what was a great idea quickly turns sour …

I can think of how to start to sort that out of course … buying and modying custom kit , different finishing kit on the bikes i,e standard gamification . but I know there are plenty threads already mentioning those things .

This is just feedback to take an interest in the things you throw into the game so they mean something !
And maybe get some ideas from users on what they want to see in the drop shops .

You’ve bought every single item available in the drop shop?

How about raising the prices?
10 million for custom jersey
25 million for Trike
50 million for custom painted bike.

Would that give you more incentive?

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What do you mean raising the prices ? You cant buy any of those things right now.

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Every single item that is of value , and plenty that are not , Yes


So that’s absolutely everything available purchased?

Most of the available items have no value.


Not sure I understand you point here .

I seldom buy the entire contents of a shop as a matter of course irrespective of what it is , not sure there are many that do.

Drops as a gamification element of zwift needs to create an effective and balanced economy . That means provide us with things we want to spend our drops on.


So there are things you can spend it on…but choosing not to.

It’s a shop designed for the needs of all, not just for you.

Plenty of people will be happy to purchase some of the items you don’t want to.

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How many jerseys did you collect?
I have a whole bunch I will never wear.
I would like a white Campy disc wheel and the Trike.

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:upside_down_face: feel free I am not stopping you or anyone else . Neither am I asking for my own personal shop.

Again your point is ?


My point is that you’ve created a somewhat negative post berating the drop shop idea and stating you’ve nothing to spend your drops on yet admit that you haven’t bought everything.

A little bit of positivity goes a long way.

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You cannot purchase any jerseys or any kit in the drops shop of course at this time.
Likewise I have as you say no real use for new jerseys as I have a club one…
The only option is going to be kit or equipment customisation or logo modding or something …

I dont know where it goes , like I said they introduced this gamification they have to sustain it .


Wasting drops on useless junk would seem really dumb if they ever brought something useful to spend them on…

Why waste drops on slow bikes from brands you don’t care for? Just because they’re useless now doesn’t mean they’ll always be useless


I didnt say close the shop I said improve and extend it with something new I am merely pointing out that in the case of anyone who has been in game for a few years it offers no value and we need something to spend those drops on .

If anything suggesting that the solution to longer term users of the game is just to go and start buying the few things we dont have or need (which by the way would still I am pretty sure not use up all my drops) is both berating and negative .

How we you like to see the drop shop improved ?


I believe some of the limitations will be down to agreements between the manufacturers. I suspect there will be money exchanged in order for equipment to be featured on Zwift.

In reality you only need 3 sets of wheels, aero, climbing and rolling. The actual difference between bikes and wheels is only a handful of seconds over relatively long distances. Perhaps if these gaps were widened it might make saving up for an upgrade truly worth it.


I think custom paint jobs for bikes would be cool.


Dont disagree with any of those points . there are clearly commercial factors in the frame and wheel shops ,

What they could do is maybe remove the ability to customise the frame colours as a limitless option once you buy a frame and make it a drops costs to get a color . That would still give the same access to the frames as now but you would choose a color ( hey a bit like normal bike purchase !!) . Possible even gives zwift and manufactures more marketing scope by releasing new “colours” as they do.

That particular change might also help elsewhere with well known frame colour dilemmas !

Its also true we cant purchase groupsets ( I am not suggesting they start brining in marginal gains on that ) but you could at least extract drops out of us for them… just like in real life the top of the range stuff would certainly empty our drops wallets a fair bit :rofl:

They could do the same with kit things like helmets,shoes and glasses and shorts … make them drop purchases and pay for colours ,


I have several million drops and don’t even bother going to the drop shop for Zwift activities.
My friends and I recently started a Zwift competition and I did buy a new frame and wheel set for this competition with my friends but Zwift should put an incentive into the game.

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For the racers out there, they could auction off the spots in the front row of the starting pens!

For the general public, they could turn some of the roads into toll roads. You want to climb Alpe du Zwift? It will cost you a million Drops!