General customization (use of drops)

So, drops is soon at 4 mil (know many riders might have ALOT more)

However, at this point, the dropshop at this point is basicly useless for me. I have the best all-round bike with best all-round weeks. Only a few climbs away from getting tron.

Please consider expanding your ingame currency offers, like basic customization like different basic colored jerseys, bibs, hats, glasses, bartape, bottles and so on.

Getting new items, especially items that are harder to get/more expansive is what drives most of us - besides great workouts. Seeing that guy who must have grinded hard and long to get etc is SUPER cool, and will bring back the joyfullness of the dropshop idea back to us again.

As now, i never visit the dropshop, because i reached my peakpoint way to soon.