Sorting and filters for the drop shop

Hey there,

It would be nice to have some kind of filter and sorting feature for the Drop Shop. At the moment you have to go through each and every brand, just to see your level is either too low, or you need more drops to be able to afford the item. So you go back, select the next brand and have the same issue again.

A couple of options that I think make sense:

  • See all items at once regardless of the brand
  • Sort by brand (the way it is at the moment)
  • Sort by bike type (MTB, RB, TT, Other)
  • Sort by price
  • Sort by aero rating
  • Sort by weight rating
  • Include/exclude items you can’t afford / need more levels to unlock.

So people can easily see if there is something cool they can spend drops for already, without goung through each category and brand manually piece by piece.

Just my thoughts.

Yes, and sort alphabetically!! Please!
:pray: :laughing: