Something to spend our drops on

If it really pains you, how about arguing for non-linear rules for earning drops - the more you have the harder it gets to earn more - so you have to get more canny with your shopping decisions. Maybe adjust the earning rate according to the riders level.

But meanwhile they do mirror real-life -there will always be folks who can afford anything they like whilst the rest of us have to plan and then patiently save.

Most are missing Graham’s point. I believe that his point is that the rate accumulation of drops vastly out weight the value of useful items in the store.

Once you have the Tron bike (which you can’t buy) and purchase a couple of bikes there isn’t really anything else to buy. Unless you want to be slower bike and wheels for the sake of buying them.

To Graham’s point, there doesn’t seem to be any thought place into the reward system.

in other games, there is usually “the next item” that is worth more than the points that you have, it incentivizes gameplay.

like so many other features in Zwift (see levels), you can chalk this up to being another abandoned feature that was not fully baked.

and let us avoid nonsensical arguments about buying everything in the Shop


A lot of is isn’t worth buying, or isn’t desirable. If I’ve already bought my favourite bikes or wheels, why would I buy ones I’ll never ride?

I’m with Graham. The Drop Shop is a decent idea, but I’ve got 5.5million drops now and nothing specifically I want to spend them on. (At least, not yet; once I hit level 47 or so I’ll buy the newer disc wheel.)


Considering the purchases (and random jersey unlocks etc.) will just clutter up your garage, spending drops on things of approximately no utility performance- or fashion-wise makes little sense.

Would pay 10M drops for an in-game Brompton.


I’m with @Graham_Irvine_London on this one.

I have a couple million drops, and nothing useful to spend them on.

I have the fastest MTB, the most aero wheels, the lightest wheels, and the lightest frame that are unlocked for me.

Buying the other frames and wheels would clutters up my garage and make things harder to find going in-and-out of the jungle.

One idea could be that as kit, glasses, gloves, shoes, helmets are unlocked, it must also be paid for. The same already occurs with frames and wheels.

Another is to pay for paint jobs on frames.

And new hair styles. Makes no sense to pay for skin colour, weight, gender, height.

I always ride from camera angle #3 - first person perspective. I’d pay for a Garmin Edge or similar to be modelled in the appropriate place at the bottom of the screen, especially if it removed the ugly data boxes superimposed at the top of the screen. Hmm, now I think about it, that might be a new thread in its own right.

I’d pay for coloured bar tape. No need to keep the used tape in my garage - make me pay everytime I change it, just like in the real world.

I’d pay a couple hundred for coloured valve caps, and more for water bottles. I suppose I’d need a junk parts bin to throw this kind of stuff into, and pick through it for a ride. I really don’t want a menu for each of valve caps, pump, saddle bag, bottles, bottle cages, tape, saddles, blah blah blah, so just lump it all together.


I’d go for that! Maybe 10M is a bit steep, but I’d love to potter around on a Brompton in game.

Here’s a photo of me doing the Great Manchester Cycle some years ago. 25 miles/40km on a Brompton. :smiley:


The longest I’ve done on mine is ~75 km (with road pedals) and I have ridden it in the Helsinki velodrome as well :smiley:


I have SPDs on mine - I hate riding with flat pedals and not being clipped in. Never taken it on a velodrome though!

Brompton rightly doesn’t want to pay the Zwift fee to get in a bike in the garage

…spend drops on having things removed from your garage! Help solve two problems.