Using drops to pay for montly subscription

I’m a serious retrogrouch. Steel is real, fewer than 36 spokes is asking for trouble, indexed shifting is for infants, you know the drill(ium). As a consequence, I obviously only use the steel frame (appreciate the downtube shifters!) and the classic wheels on Zwift. Besides that, the only thing you can spend your drops on is all this plastic stuff, so they just keep adding up.

Recently I read on GCN that pixels displaying a carbon frame can cost up to ten times as much to manufacture as ones for a steel frame, so wouldn’t it be fair if I could use my considerable stash of drops for paying the monthly subscription fee instead?

Edit: Just to be clear, this was intended as a joke and written before learning about the in-app April Fool’s feature. Turns out retro-grouchery is in good hands at Zwift HQ as well.

I agree, I also have a large volume of unused “drops” (over 6 M), I think that regular Zwifters who accumulate large numbers of dips should be able to swap them for a percentage off the the membership subscription or X amounts of drops = 1 months membership.

This could then be seen as an incentive for the regular riders, although I do appreciate that this would not put hard cash into Zwift, thus paying staff and funding further development. Personally I think the drops are pretty pointless.

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1 million drops could = £1.00 or 50p off subscription fee for instance. Really encourage people to ride more miles or climb more , as you get more drops for climbing. I mean ive done 9000 miles now and have 11 million drops so you would still have to do a lot of riding to get money off but at least it would be something real to spend them on

erm, you think Zwift has use of our drops?
Sound like we’re slaving away for them :rofl: