Convert Earnt ‘Drops’ to Charity Donation

Hey Zwift!

I would assume you have a tonne of new riders paying each month due to the COVID-19 lockdown… so I would love to be able to convert my earnt ‘drops’ to ‘buy’ a charity donation in the ‘drop shop’?

Let’s make this happen!!

Great idea, Craig!!

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You know dropz does not have any real currency. So if you donate dropz then Zwift has to fit the bill?


Yeah obviously- that’s quite clear.

It’s possible to exchange some value for drops for real monies though as a donation… ie 100k drops = 1Euro… not impossible to create.

Yeah- most companies have made some sort of charity donation towards the epidemic. Zwift will have benefitted from an increase of paid memberships during this lockdown period… so why an then not pay a bit back to charity?

Zwift has regular charity rides even long before Corona.

The thing with drops is there is no limit.

Someone donating 12000000 dropz will cost Zwift 120000 euro at 100 dropz = 1euro (as suggested above)

Well I am only suggesting 100,000 (not 100!) to 1Euro as an example. I’m sure Zwift themselves can cost out an appropriate ‘exchange rate’…

How do you know they are not?

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My bad did not see the k. But that is still 120 euro for 12000000 dropz. That is almost a year subscription. :thinking:

Nothings being communicated to say otherwise.

Yeah true- so I imagine they would need to work out an exchange rate and prob put a limit on things. Otherwise it could get out of hand!

Here is the latest charity ride on Zwift:


So unless it’s reported it doesn’t happen?

Zwift has done numerous charity activities over the years and is continuing to do them during the pandemic.

People love asking other folks to donate their money…

Instead of trying to donate worthless drops, open your own wallet and make a difference


Great to see! Thanks!

I stand corrected… Always room for more.

It seems like you’re suggesting I don’t do charity work or donate? You don’t know me and I don’t know you. So kind of mutes you’re point.

Great idea!

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Isn’t that exactly what you did in regards to zwift? :slight_smile:

Nah I nearly suggested another way of charity engagement which could appeal to masses, didn’t make it personal. I don’t understand why you are so negative- it’s simply a suggestion.