Free month because of coronavirus

For a first thing, i would say that i have a brand new subscription bought yesterday for a next month so I dont write for my own buisness.
Many online social platforms like TV or … other;) they offer a free period to keep people at home in case of coronavirus.
it would be very good to do something like it on Zwift, many amateurs, and pros also would never use zwift because ther prefer to train outdoor beside of condition. Situation we all have met can encourage them and in the future to stay on Zwift so its market justified. And will be in accordance with #stayathome campaign

Can you post all the platforms you know of that are offering a free period due to the virus. This could be very helpful to others.


I haven’t heard of any


I have not heard of any either so I am curious to what the OP has seen or heard about.


Ok, these things are local but:
Orange Poland serves decoded channels because of #stayathome,
Local sports Tv in case of event without public admit to stream coverage for free,
Also… Pornhub in Italy deos so, you might think is funny but it is a serious trend that makes sense

Edit: and i think you dont understand of a whole idea, because it is no matter to conveince people to watch tv but to stay at home and train if they really have to


You still have sports? Lucky guy! All ours got cancelled

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Do you recognize Paris-Nice at this moment?

But why this discussion is going to be a little war of us instead just to cheer to more poeple invited to Zwift :face_with_monocle:

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because of the quarantine measures proximus tv in belgium offers all its subscribers a free optional channel, unlimited fixed telephone, 10 gb additional mobile data

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Are you really asking or expecting Zwift to forego a whole month of user subscription? Who knows what impact that might have on them?

Maybe the TV companies, phone companies and broadband providers can do that as they over charge us all day long in my opinion, but I would not say the same about Zwift.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they can afford it, but when we are often surrounded by expensive cycle equipment I would feel embarassed asking for a free month.


Ofcourse idk if they can afford it, its just a proposal but what i know is, many people who try it will stay for a longer time in future so it is some kind of investment. Like a longer trial period.


_Troy I have an active sub for until 11 april. After that I don’t know if i will ride outside, or zwift of i a able to ride anyway. I dont know why i can feel embarassed when i ask for something not for my pleasure but for a people that never had a chance to try zwift because maybe they live in mild climate. Everything than can convince people to stay at home is a good slution. I dont know also where you live, maybe coronavirus case not influenced your country much but here, where i live this is a disaster. Everything expect grocery stores and gas stations is closed , the government calls for staying in homes. All these things proves me that proposal is justified.

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Ah, the other thread.

All it proves to me, Tomasz, is the “giff’s me freez stufz” crowd are crawling out of the dark corners where they leach off society’s productive members, because of the world’s current situation screaming, “give us more, give us more! We deserve it!”

I see tragedy, and heartbreak taking place all over the world. All you see is opportunity; it’s mentally sick!

Like the others, I’m embarrassed for you to make such a request. I can’t even make my mind think like this. This “entitlement culture” we have have now. Unbelievable.

Unlike food, water, shelter, and oxygen, Zwift isn’t a requirement for daily survival.

Pay. For. It!


The “Dunning Kruger effect.”

Heh, you’re right of course. Ultimately, I’m probably wasting my time.

Yes, “Zwift isn’t a requirement for daily survival”, but if it is avaible to keep people at home it is some kind of a adjuvant.
“Zwift isn’t a requirement for daily survival” and cycling isnt aswell, its just a proposal for a little thing that would help for a situation today, and can bring income in future, i totally dont know why so many negative reations had come.




Now I’m officially wasting my time.

Seems to me that one would be more likely to use something in which one is invested. So for your sake, Tomasz, I hope Zwift keeps charging users as normal - you’ll be more likely to stay home and use it if you’ve paid for it. If you pay nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you pay for a month and don’t use it, well, you’ve wasted your money.

Just thinking of you, buddy. Pay up and ride on!


And again:(
i dont think about myself but i just propose a lilttle thing that could be help and be better advertisement that paing G or MvdP …

But again I want to admit, this was just a idea and propose … but like Christopher Garrett said … Now I’m officially wasting my time.

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Just to start using Zwift you need the proper equipment. Some would need trainers, sensors or other equipment just to start.

It not like cable companies that can just raise caps or add additional channels because for the most part nothing else is needed on the user end.

If you have the means please support your favorite.


yes i know,
But in time when many of us are forced to stay at home, just want to find a solutions, many of people already have a trainers but dont like to use them et cetera…
looking to find a solution many will look for a free apps, so then a promo zwift time could be very interesting,

and really, if 7 days of free trial is already availble, how 30 days could be so hard?


I’d disagree with that statement. I don’t think the majority of cyclists have indoor trainers just sitting around. Personally I rode outside for years before being introduced to Zwift then I made the decision to buy a trainer specifically for Zwift.

Additionally, as others have mentioned in this thread and another one with the same message of please give us something for free… Cycling is not a cheap sport, it takes quite a decent initial investment to get into (bike, proper bibs/shorts, trainer, PC or other device to run the app). Not sure why people are quibbling over $15/month when most of us have spent $1,000s in setup before even paying the monthly fee.

And I’d agree the 7 day or 25km (whatever it is these days) trial period is more than generous for people to test out the platform and make a decision if they would like to support it with a paid subscription.

Apparently everyone has heeded the words of Rahm Emanuel these days “Never let a crisis go to waste (when trying to get stuff)”