Time to say goodbye to Zwift

Dear Zwift Community and Zwift Employees,

It was fun after the fun of at least 3 years of rides indoors intensively. Zwift was for sure the best thing to keep my mental health strong during the Pandemic. Yeah… for me, a Neurodivergent person Zwifting and Ride a Bike is a kind of medication and meditation to release more dopamines.

Unfortunately, bad things happen.

In my life… Covid19. Self-Isolation… War and Politics at this moment are ruining my country.

Economics here is really bad and we are about to decide to keep a single subscription or buy food.
Yeap! I work 7 days almost… 12 hours per day and is not enough to keep basic foods, medicines, rent, and keep a single subscription that makes good for my life, my family, and my brain!

For this reason, this will be my last month of Zwift subscription… a single Zwift subscription in my current currency pays for one week of food for my daughter.

Yeah! This is the insane choice I never expected to do in my life.

I don´t know about the other country, but at least in my country Zwifiting become an activity for rich people only. And this is sad! We the poor can´t even have the right to take care of our health.

Take care of yourselves and your beloved ones!

I hope someday Zwift staff review the prices, the plans… maybe in the future create a credit system. pay per mileage ridden. Offer discounts for the ones that ride more and are more engaged to use and promote Zwift.

I will rethink things… ride outside in cold winter or maybe on my old rollers.

Farewell, my Zwift friends… take care!

How about Zwift showing solideraty and waiving subscription fees for Ukranians?

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Whilst I sympathise with the plight of the OP I’m afraid that the situation he finds himself in is similar to millions around the world who live on the poverty line. People are making choices whether to heat or eat here in the UK which is one of the richer global economies.

I’m afraid Zwift is a luxury and not a necessity. There are many things I’d like to own or do but it all has to be done whilst living in my means. I don’t believe it’s Zwifts issue to solve if somebody is struggling to put food on the table.

I wish the OP all the best and hopefully one day they can return to Zwift once they have stability.

Likewise I think the notion of giving free subscription to nations is very divisive. There are many other nations who are war torn that are suffering.


Sometimes my friend the last “luxury” for some people are vital to keep mental health.

Unfortunately my country lives an Invisible war! The Super Rich Ones Versus Poor Ones.

Riding a Bike in my Country can be a Death Sentence… and only Rich people are able to keep the bike maintenance up to date.

Is sad to see that “Marketing” is doing with our sport. Bikes must be accessible for everyone.

Maybe Zwift in the future creates a different kind of signature… Pay as you Ride… Pay per Mileage… Something that Rider can adjust to their needs.

Or even give one free route! That route… Is free! Is a way to keep the users.


Well… I agree.

This (which nation/“nation” should be given a free account) is bound to become a political issue - and a divisive one.

(frantically back-pedalling)


Hello everyone I 'm new here and also retired . I got on a bike that year and the last time it was in 1972. I found out that there are such - a bicycle -machine and a bicycle-comp. In winter, I pedaled at home and listened to vinyl records, but it became boring to look out the window. And by chance I found out about the Zwift tablet app and started watching videos on YouTube, I caught fire to ■■■■ this for a few days, I figured out how to connect a tablet and a TV via Wi-Fi. Yesterday at the end it turned out . I did the registration and checked - everything went. Yes , it 's worth having at least one track for free . I can’t afford to pay for everything - so I’m retired and I don’t work for my health, my bike is an outlet. I’m pedaling at home, for a charging place in the morning. I’m not a racer, I’m just a fan of riding. For me, it’s a highway, it wasn’t boring to drive – even if I’m going alone.
Sorry for speaking out on this topic… And also - sorry for the spelling - I did the translation into English on the Internet