Time trial... Seriously!

Hello, I just new on Zwift… trying to keep cycling during the offseason in the middle of the Chicago weather.

I will love to say that I liked this platform, unfortunately, the free time trial is too short! if you have a busy week at work, sick kids and bla bla… just one week or 25K (not even sure about this, I just saw that in my game screen) is just not enough to make the decision of committed with the monthly subscription… at least for me?

What do you think about this?

While I see what you are saying (life is definitely a bit unpredictable), I also think that it’s pretty clear up-front that it’s a 7-day trial. When I started Zwift at the beginning of 2019 I made sure to start on a day when I was pretty sure I would have the time to make the best use of those 7 days. I still missed at least one day, but it was also enough to get me hooked, so here I am nearly 11 months and 9,600+ virtual miles later and still loving it.

All I can really say is to make the best of those 7 days and if that’s still not enough time spend the $15 for a month and ride as much as you can during that time. Zwift may not be for everyone, but if you like riding bikes and can’t always get outside when you like (my work schedule just makes Zwift a more viable option many days) it’s a fantastic platform. Yes, it can use some improvements, but it’s still great. I hope you’ll give it a good spin (pun intended)!


Hi Andres,
I agree that a 7 day trial is possibly a little short especially with unforeseen circumstances. But…
If you are wanting to get some training in, say just over the winter period, then I would say “go for it”. You can sign up for one month and then suspend your account if you need to, all without losing any progress you have made.

For me Zwift has totally transformed indoor training, its made it FUN, something that I would never had said before.
Every winter I would go out in all weathers. Now with Zwift I can fit my training around the family and not worry about the weather or if there is any light.

I’ll often be up Zwifting whilst the family is still asleep. Even an hour, or a hard half hour inside is worth doing. This has been good for my family and myself.

Just a few thoughts.
All the best.
“Ride On”

ps if you can have a permanent setup, it helps.