I registered yesterday. On second ride today, my one month trial has expired!?

I know that I will pay the monthly membership fees next month, but you can’t just trick everyone with your misleading marketing concept and trade One month trial for 1 day?

I was riding today the second time ever and instead of seeing the finish line, I got a big banner (Your trial version has expired) Why are you doing that?

I’m still learning this thing, but one month trial expires in one day? Is this a joke or April fool?

Please let me know if there’s a problem with my account. Really appreciate your effort.

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The one month trial is only if you buy a trainer through Zwift for the trial period. But you should still get a 7-day trial if you’ve JUST signed up for an account.

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I signed up. yesterday and the message was clear. One month free trial.
Okay this message might be misleading (TEST RIDE a trainer at home for 30-Days)

Thanks Nigel. having said that the trial is one week which actually wasn’t advertised anywhere, still the trail version shouldn’t expire after one day.

I hope that someone look into this.

Here is some more information.


Thanks Gerrie. OMG LOL, that’s why. I rode today 25k but this is really weird marketing.

Even on the payment page it says:


Only £12.99/month starting after your 7 day free trial.

Why don’t you just allow people to test the app. I still have no idea how to use the app. I need a week to see if it’s suitable.

Thanks Anyways! I’ll try RGT meanwhile.