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On the 8th of this month I started my free month’s trial, only 7 days later I received an email from Zwift that says my free trial is almost over. Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem. The only contact I get is with an answering bot. HELP!

Hi @Vincent_Meyers welcome to the forums!

Just keep telling the bot that they aren’t answering your question or it wasn’t helpful, whatever the options are, and eventually after a few times they will let you email support.

Did you have a code or something to enter for the free month? Did you enter the code on in your account/membership profile?

Thank you for the quick answer. I did enter my promocode. I will try what you suggested.

Ride comfortably…

Hi @Vincent_Meyers

Please also see our FAQ on our trial period for new Zwifters.

Of key importance… the FAQ indicates that a free trial is not a month, it’s 14 days.

Or does it depend on what device you are using ?

A: For PC/Macs you’ll get a 14-day free trial with unlimited distance once you start pedaling. For iOS/tvOS/Android it’s a little different—you get 25km (15.5mi) once you start pedaling and then an additional 14-days with unlimited distance once you select Join Now.

perhaps to some degree, but there’s no such thing as a ‘free month trial’ period evidently.

Some trainer brands (eg. Elite) were giving out free 30-day trial memberships, could be related to that.

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I see that you’ve been in touch with my Support colleagues via email. I’ll ask them to follow up with you via email to keep your information (and code details) private. We don’t handle these mattters on this public forum for good reason.

Good point

I got a card with my new Tacx which status that I have a month’s free trial.

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Dear Mike,

Your suggestion worked. I got an answer, if it is a solution, we will see. Thans you!


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