TdZ 30 day free trial... not working?

Hey folks!

I had finally convinced a friend to try Zwift when I saw the TdZ extended trial offer through Strava. He’s been trying to sign-up, but isn’t getting an email response from Zwift… has anyone had success with this offer?

Hey Kevin,

If they get in touch with our support team, they should be able to sort him out.

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Thanks James! This may be a stupid question, but how would they best get in touch with support?

I’d start by going here: Tour de Zwift Challenge

And then selecting contact us if the page doesn’t help.

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Fantastic. Thanks James! Ride on!

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A free month? Have to say that as a paying customer almost from the off to see a free month being given out to new users is a little harsh on loyal users.

I got 2 weeks free when starting mid November. Zwifting since 2018, November to March/April (depending on weather).