1 week trial stopped after 3 days

My 1 week free trial has stopped after 3 consecutive days, have checked previous threads, but can’t seem fix this. I was looking for award to trying a race tonight. :weary:

Is there a distance limit as well as a time limit to one week?

My has stopped just after one day

IIRC it is 7 days or 25km. Sounds like you hit the distance cap.

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I did wonder about that as on the first ride it said “free 25k”, but I did that in the first ride, then rode again on the following 2 days.

Disappointing first try on zwift .

Signed up for free trial, based on hype from many riding buddies that live zwift.

I start initial ride (25k watopia time trial). I put in 45 minutes of hard tempo and it shuts down less than 1km to go telling me my trial has expired. Really!!!

Game over, your quarter has expired, thanks for playing

I get no results, stuck on side of road, can’t finish the workout

Not impressed

Going back to TrainerRoad