7 day trial ended after 25km?

I’ve just started the 7 days trial 2 days ago but I’ve been locked out at 25km during my 1st ride.
It now displays trial ‘period expired’

Is it a ‘7days or 25km’ trial?

Are you on iOS?

I think that if you go through iTunes you’re limited to that 25km until you click a “REMOVE LIMIT” button. (I don’t know where the button is). That then activates the 7 day free trial on iOS or any other device.

(Information from this archived thread, so it might be out of date: week free trial = only one ride? )

Edit: this post concurs:

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Thanks for your reply,
I’m using an Apple TV bought specifically for Zwift without an iTunes account yet since I’m full Android phone/Google TV for other things.
That probably means I need to subscribe with my payment info in order to get past the 25km limit and benefit from the 7days trail, although it looks like the 7 days trial started anyway when I previously launched Zwift from my Android phone without riding.

I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem here. Done 25km and have 5 days remaining trial mode. Already subscribed but cannot join the ride. It seems that I have to wait until the trial mode expire than only o can join the ride?