7 day trial ended after 25km?

I’ve just started the 7 days trial 2 days ago but I’ve been locked out at 25km during my 1st ride.
It now displays trial ‘period expired’

Is it a ‘7days or 25km’ trial?

Are you on iOS?

I think that if you go through iTunes you’re limited to that 25km until you click a “REMOVE LIMIT” button. (I don’t know where the button is). That then activates the 7 day free trial on iOS or any other device.

(Information from this archived thread, so it might be out of date: week free trial = only one ride? )

Edit: this post concurs:


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Thanks for your reply,
I’m using an Apple TV bought specifically for Zwift without an iTunes account yet since I’m full Android phone/Google TV for other things.
That probably means I need to subscribe with my payment info in order to get past the 25km limit and benefit from the 7days trail, although it looks like the 7 days trial started anyway when I previously launched Zwift from my Android phone without riding.

I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem here. Done 25km and have 5 days remaining trial mode. Already subscribed but cannot join the ride. It seems that I have to wait until the trial mode expire than only o can join the ride?

Hi! I am Zwifting using my laptop and mobile. In my laptop, it shows that the free trial is for 7 days but in my mobile it’s only for 25kms. Is it possible to also get 7 days in mobile?

Is your mobile iOS?

If so, the information in this post should help:


I have the same problem, I’m running in an Android phone and I did my first 25km and I have the message trial period is off…

Thanks for this but it’s okay, I’ve decided to get Zwift. Paid my account just this morning. Ride on!


Yeah I’m having the same problem. My “free” trial i showing that I only have 12k left but I should have a few days left in my free week.

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