Why do I have to wait 7 days before I can ride again??

just finished a trial (25km) - so signed up but it says I have to wait till Dec 25th for payment to come off? I would really like to ride before then - I have tried everything I can think of (tried via paypal vs credit card and even tried through teh ipad app - all say Dec 25th (currently set to come off my credit card) All I want to do is pay and ride?

Not much use if I have to wait for a week???

When I login it says that I need to pay (which I am trying to do!!!)



Jim Fairles



Submit a ticket, you will get a faster response. 

Hi Jim,

Apologies for the error. This has been corrected and you should be all set.


I’m having the same problem, my free trail period ended.
So I joined today, payment with creditcard. Just got a 25k trail and now I have to wait until 9-01-2017 ??

HI .

when does my free 7 day trial period start? I think it eneded before I knew it. I just created an account so I am ready when my trainer arrives. But I think the trail starts as soon one creates an account? did I lose all my free 7  days?