week free trial = only one ride?

(T Par) #1

After one ride in the free week trial period, Zwift won’t let me do another. I’m signed in, and all it will do is give me my profile. On the mobile app it will only let me see events, but not really join. I tried to join one, hoping that this would be the key to starting a new activity, but nope. I guess free week means one free ride? 

Definitely hasn’t sold me on it. Found it more frustrating than anything else. Disappointed. 


(Eric ) #2

Hi T Par,

It sounds like you are trying to run the game via the website and the Zwift Mobile Link instead of the actual game itself.

The icon should be a big, orange ‘Z’ that gets the game started.


(Phil) #3

Hi Eric,  I think I saw something similar last week.  I signed up for the free trial on my Mac and did three rides using my laptop.  It worked okay…but my laptop is super-old [nvidia 9600M GT 256MB], so I was averaging around 14-19 fps.  On Day 5 [ride 4] I used Zwift on the iPad, but it stopped after 25Km and would not let me ride any further.  And I also could not do any additional rides on the iOS Zwift app, even though I had two days remaining in the free trial.  I still could run Zwift on my laptop, but no additional rides on iOS.  

I wonder if T Par is referring to the iOS Zwift app when saying the “mobile app”…and not to the Mobile Link companion app.  I was able to do one 25K ride on the iPad during the free trial.  This might be what T Par ran into.



(Scott) #4

Phil - hmm…that’s odd, you should be able to ride on any device once you start the 7 day free trial. 

If you start out on iOS, you need to click the “REMOVE LIMIT” button in order to activate the 7 day free trial on iOS. You’re limited to 25 km until you click the button. 


(Bud Madden) #5

Was disappointed that Premium Strava riders don’t get the two month free trial. My son runs this through his apple laptop and he needs that at school. I can only get on when he is off or not doing homework/ study. I’d be lucky to decide on this commitment with more than two rides. Outside that it does seem to be a good thing thanks.


(Galen Chapman) #6

My one week trial lasted three rides for a total of 51 miles or 82K. Now I’m shut out with a distance limit. Not a true 7 Day trial. Unimpressed!


(Eric ) #7

Hi Galen, The 7 day free trial is 7 consecutive days from the start of the trial - it’s not 7 individual free days. Within those 7 days, you get to ride on Zwift as much as you’d like. But let me see if I can give you some extra time.


(Galen Chapman) #8


I was only on for 5 days and it told me I ran out of K’s in the middle of a ride.  So I did not get a full 7 days.


(Eric ) #9

Hi Galen,

You should respond to the ticket and email I sent you yesterday.



How can I get more than 25Km of trial? 25Km is too short…


(Eric ) #11

Hi Ricardo,

You get 7 days for free when you start. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure you understand the value that Zwift brings. If it’s worth it to you, then I suggest becoming a member :slight_smile:


(Mike Brillant) #12

Tried Zwift for the first time today. So far I have found it to be CLUNKY. Why in the world would someone need to utilize 2 different apps for a video game ride? To do what is done with Zwift Mobile Link should be able to be done in the main Zwift app. Further more the Free Trial period should be 7 individual rides not consecutive days. I wouldn’t be able get enough of an idea if this is worth my money (lucky to get in 2 more rides in that time). Zwift failed to convince on the first try.  


(Jeremy Leonhardt) #13

I signed up this morning (finally after weeks of unsuccessful installation on a laptop) using an iOS device. It was alright, but I wanted to see if I could get the laptop working. Li and behold I finally was able to get past repeated zl04 errors only to be greeted by being told my trial expired. What gives? 8 km, 15 minutes constitutes a 7 day consecutive trial? Couple this experience and previously ignored support requests leaves a bad taste on what a subscription may hold.


(Jason) #14

@Jeremy: I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been smooth sailing so far. The good news is that this is a simple misunderstanding - you’ve only gone through your 25km free trial, and there’s 7 days more ahead of you!

To unlock your 7 days, just click the button in the lower-left corner of the screen. You’ll need to enter payment information through iTunes, and then the ride limit will be lifted. If you decide Zwift isn’t for you anytime in the following 7 days, just cancel, and you won’t be charged. More information on the free trial is on our knowledge base.

Finally, I haven’t seen any other support requests from you, so if you submitted a ticketunder a different email or contact information, please let us know, and we’ll follow up on why it wasn’t responded to in a timely manner.

Ride On!