Free Trial Expired, whats next?


ive been on Zwift for like 7 days (im HOOKED :crazy_face:) but my free trial has expired
now it says (on the homescreen) that i have 2 days and 13 hours left… why is that?
will i lose my account when this expires?
im going to pay to get full access, but im going on a vacation for 2 weeks, so i wait to upgrade until i get back.
i hope i wont lose my account (can someone tell me?) or i have to already upgrade in 2 days and 13 hours.

thanks in advance

Your account and your accumulated mileage will never expire or be deleted. You can cancel your membership temporarily for months that you won’t do any indoor riding. Your trial will also reset each month so you’ll get some free riding time even if you’re not a paying member.

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Thanks! im glad that i wont lose my level gain and drops :smile:
so i can still go after a new bike after my vacation