My free trial expires tomorrow and I bought a Zwift membership but its not active. Do I have to wait till tomorrow?

I can’t ride on Zwift? do I have to wait till tomorrow for my trial to end?

How did you buy the membership?

I’m guessing you did it here:

Has your payment hit your bank yet?

You might want to contact Zwift Support directly:

The way it worked for me is that I bought the subscription 4 days into the 7 day trial period and I was only billed on the 8th day, so the paid subscription started after the 7 days of free trial were entirely over. IMHO a very nice move of Zwift to let you use the entire free trial, no matter when you decide to subsscribe.

In my case, this had no effect on the usability of the app and it was even mentioned in the confirmation email that this would be the modus operandum.

Hope you can sort it out