Paid subscription but stuck in trial mode which now expired and can only watch

As title says, I’ve paid but can’t ride, wierly Ive ridden 100km which i think is more than the free trial but regularly puts me in free trial mode with a small number of km yet to go and then once expired I cannot use again. Current messages says wait 26 days for next trial and even when I go the the join box and fill in stat fields nothing changes because I have already joined and paid and have a receipt to prove. Extremely frustrating because spent a lot on power metre etc

Would like solution asap please

I would suggest also submitting a ticket:

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Has this been resolved? I paid for my membership before the free trial expired. Now I can’t ride. I also ride with the computer in the basement, but paid for it on a different computer. Does that make a difference? I uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice and “Watched” 3 times as suggested to fix this glitch… still nothing.