30 day free trial

Evening all, I’m interested in using the 30 day free trial offer. Has anyone used it or know how it works?


You have to purchase the trainer through Zwift. If you purchased elsewhere you only get 7 days.

I purchased my Wahoo trainer from a bike shop and got a free month of Zwift. In order for that free promo to work I had to sign up for Zwift creating an account, giving credit card info and activating the free promo from Wahoo. If you activate a free promo card without creating an account it won’t work, or at least it didn’t for me. After using Zwift free promo (X amount of miles) my avatar would not move until I create my account.

I just activated mine. I had some trouble receiving the codes from Wahoo, but through Wahoo servicedesk I managed to receive the code. You will normally receive the codes automatically by email, after you have successfully registed your Wahoo trainer through the Wahoo app on your smartphone.

When you have received the code, you can redeem it in your account page on the Zwift website. You will have to enter your credit card, bank or PayPal details though, so after the free trial period ends, you will automatically be charged for the next month.