Price increases coming end of Grandfather clause

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #1

Just remember that if your currently on the Grandfather clause it ends this month.
The price will increase 62% in November.
If your in Australia your currently paying $14.03 as of November that’s now going to be $21.05
For me that’s to much especially for some reason I can’t do workouts or group rides without the resistance dropping off.
I use a Mac book Pro 2013 model and now looking at the current issues with the new update and future updates that will mean forking out $2500 for a new Mac.
They say use the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV but these do not proved all the features available on the Mac or PC.
I understand the need for a price increase but you expect the software to work without all the issues.
Zwift is great when it works but since Zwift Academy 2018 I’ve had nothing but trouble.
So once the price increase comes in I’m out
Ride On :slight_smile:

(Gerrie Delport) #2

it sound like you have network issues and a 5 year old computer.

A cheap PC with I3 CPU with a GTX960 will give you great graphics in Ultra mode. You can find them used.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

Yeah, I’m debating whether I can continue to afford Zwift. I’ve already cancelled Strava Premium so that I can afford my WoW subscription. I’m trying to tell myself I get enough out of Zwift that I simply must have it, but I know that the reality is I’m using it a lot less than I did 2 years ago. Partly I suppose it’s the novelty wearing off, but it’s also the fact I’ve a young kid again and I just don’t have the time I did even 12 months ago.

In terms of what I get for my money, there is so much more now than when I started. Back then it was just Watopia, then Richmond. But now there is running, other courses, workouts etc. etc. I fully accept that on paper I’m getting a much better deal. But that’s still only true if I use those features.

I’d love Zwift to offer some of the analysis that Strava Premium does as that’d help justify the increased cost for me personally.

Or, as some have suggested, a bit of a discount for paying annually up front. £13 per month is £156, up from £96. So something like £143 (12 months for the price of 11) would still be a big jump, but also rewards the committed Zwifters who stay subbed even when we’re not using the product that much.

(Paul Corey) #4

I use Zwift as my outdoor cycling simulation doing group rides and races. I use TrainerRoad for structure workouts and they add a calendar like Training Peaks. With the increase, I may have to pick one.

I have Zwift, Strava, and TrainerRoad.

(Vincent W.) #5

Hey C, can you send us a support conversation ( to let us know what issues you’re dealing with? Sorry you’ve run into some trouble with us!

Hey @Daren_Chandisingh thanks for the suggestions as always :slight_smile:
Thanks for sticking with us so far @Paul_Corey. We have some fun/necessary features coming up in the near future so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled. :eyes:

(Danny Boyd) #6

I personally think its worth the increase. I am enjoying all aspects of it, and now im running on it also, double the fun/pains

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #7

Hi Vincent

I have been in discussions with support for around 2 months and sent logs almost daily.

I know everything I have to try and have tried them all and then sent the logs.

My last response from the support team was that they could see an issue with Blue Tooth connection but were unable to help any further and suggested I wait until the next update.

I have a Mac Book Pro 2013 and every device except Zwith work seamlessly on Blue Tooth.

Zwift will work in SIM mode just not group rides or workout mode.

I enjoy Zwift and the team at Zwift are very helpful and generously gave me a month for free due to my troubles, but not being able to do the group rides is frustrating.

I do have logs I have sent previously but I’m not mean to go through the whole process again such as turn it off turn it on unpair re-pair update firmware update software as I have done all this with no success.

I have been coresponding with Josie

I want to stay with Zwift as I know New York will be exciting and a great course with a few surprises no doubt.


Ride On

(# Ktwendiesride) #8

Oh yes tell me about it. I am paying Ringgit Malaysia RM42 and increased to RM63; that’s a whopping RM21

It is going to be tough to maintain and hope Zwift do come out with a promotion soon.

(IB HammernAle) #9

I would like a discount if I paid annually up front, say in JAN.
There are three in my family who ride…

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #10

Mac Book Pro intel i7 16gig ram Retina Display 100mb internet direct connection. So I don’t see that being the issue.
Also when in SIM mode no issue at all, but join a group ride or try a workout forget it.
I believe the issue is software related to the Mac OS

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #11

I believe the increase is only for people on the Grandfather clause so you will still be paying the same (I think)
New York is being released in November to take the sting out of the increase.
To be fair to Zwift they didn’t have to do the Grandfather clause so they have been more than generous to a massive amount of the community.
If your not having any trouble with connection then its a awesome software.
Ride On

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #12

And that’s appreciated; but the question for all Zwifters is about the value they get from the product now.

You could say “oh, but you’ve saved £60 over the past year”, and that would be correct in some senses. But people’s circumstances change. I know that I have less disposable income now than I did 12 months ago.

So the fact I’ve paid £8 in the past doesn’t really enter into the equation when I’m considering whether I can afford £13 in the future.

I almost certainly will for now, but it does mean that Zwift will have to compete even harder for my beer tokens against the other things I want to spend them on. For me, it might eventually come down to “which game do I find more fun; Zwift or WoW?”, for example.

TBH I miss the days when I could just pay for something outright. These days so much of the stuff I use is a repeating subscription. WoW, Zwift, Netflix, Spotify, NowTV, BT Sport, etc. etc. All fairly small when taken in isolation, but when added together they’re significant.

I’m just glad I’m currently the only Zwifter in my household. At least with Spotify and Netflix I have a “family plan” that means my wife and kids can also use the service without each one needing a full price sub. IIRC Netflix is £10 and lets four of us watch at a time. Spotify Premium Family is £15 and covers up to five people. Considering standard Spotify Premium is £10, that’s incredible value.

Obviously, Zwift aren’t Netflix or Spotify, but I do hope they recognise the value of money up front and multiple users. £13 for one user maybe isn’t too bad. £26 for a couple is a bigger deal. £52 for a family of four with two teenagers? Much harder to justify.

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #13

Zwift appear to be working hard to provide value for money.

There are now training plans which can be followed for a number of weeks in order to improve. Compare cost per month to that of a monthly real life coach.

Real life races can cost a small fortune to enter but with Zwift you have as many as want, when ever you want. Enter two races a month? Zwift subscription more than paid for.

Free riding offers no added value however i think 75% of outdoor solo free rides i will stop at a cafe and buy refreshments. So 90 minutes free ride on Zwift saves me a coffee and cake cost.

Personally my club used to have weekly turbo sessions in the village hall where we would simply follow a video. The hall hire was about £5 each so dropping that for zwift is a saving for me.

You have to look at your finances carefully but remember that Zwift is an ‘always on’ service that offers a multi faceted service that suits many different demands. For me that is good value.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #14

Yeah and this is very much a subjective term.

I’ve used the same argument myself when people say they’d never pay £10 per month to subscribe to an MMORPG.

“Why not?” I’d ask.
“I paid £50 for the game, I shouldn’t have to pay to play it as well!”
“I think of it in terms of the entertainment I get. I could go to the pub and spend £20 in a night. I could go to the cinema and it’d cost me £8 for 2 hours. I can play MMO for several hours every night, so in terms of entertainment per £1 it stacks up incredibly well against some other forms of entertainment.”
“Hrmph, I suppose so. But still, £10 a month!”


(Fez Rockbottom) #15

As powerful as the people at Zwift most certainly are, I do not think that they have the muscle to affect international macroeconomic forces with respect to exchange rates. I feel particularly bad for those people using Zwift who live in emerging markets since the disparity between interest rates and their direction is causing problems for those who have to pay for things in US funds while the American dollar slowly strengthens. That being said, I think the $5 increase was reasonable personally even though the Canadian dollar has also weakened, but I understand the pain a global audience can feel in uncertain economic times.

(Jeff Barton) #16

No one likes a price increase but I think Zwift is a great value. I’ve been on since Dec 6, 2017 and the ability to have fun training indoors has been a game changer for me. I’ve ridden about 5,000k miles (Zwift and IRL) this year already and am in the best riding shape of my life (at age 50). To me, it’s totally worth it. Ride on.

(Q F-B.) #17

Another user approaching the end of the grandfather period and I, like many others, am not looking forward to it! That said one big plus I think is worth mentioning is the option to drop Zwift for several months of the year if you are sick, on holiday, tired, or just generally want a break. I did this and it dropped the overall cost per year an awful lot as I was only paying for periods when I’d use the service regularly. Nice to be able to do this and to come back to everything just as it was it terms of unlocks etc. without having to pay for periods where use would be low or zero.

(M Paquet (D)) #18

Ok, I will be frank, cycling indoors is brutally boring compared to outdoors. When Zwift came out I thought this was cool and made indoor cycling a little less boring and since then I have used it in the winter months. The Zwift team have worked hard to make it as much enjoyable as indoor cycling can be, but it’s still indoor and for me it’s a way to stay in shape as much as possible during the winter months (I live in Canada). But the recent price increase has meet rethinking looking somewhere else. Don’t know yet if I will be unfaithful and try something else, but I will definitely be less enthusiastic in promoting Zwift, especially that i have learned from a friend that the program he uses has a set price for life for their users. Yes their membership increases, I looked and it is on par with Zwift, but if I switch, what I pay now I pay if for life. That is a good deal and certainly locks you up for a long time.

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #19

I know the one your talking about and double check the price stays the same for life for new users?
But that said there are great apps out there that are way cheaper and a lotaly different experience.
One inperticular will have Zwift sweating.
It’s still in Beta at the moment but it’s great.
Another I use really does make you feel your on the road outside.
The appeal of Zwift that I keep hearing is the social aspect and the need for Ride Ons
I only started looking around because off consent connection issues, group ride resistance dropouts and working for the Kits that never came unless you contacted support to have them unlocked and also the price rise.
Have a look around and if you don’t need validation with a Ride On you will be pleasantly surprised. All the apps give free trial periods
As always Ride On lol :+1:t2:

(Jeff Englin) #20

I don’t mind the price increase (too badly, anyway) since content is increasing (like New York & little fixes here & there).
however, I do struggle with the fact that they haven’t given multiple-family-member-users a break! It would seem like a nice thank you to those of us that have more than rider that I’m paying for monthly. Zwift needs to employ a family discount.