Where is Zwift’s Social Responsability?

As the many brands, Zwift should desmostrate how much they care their clients and fans. Those who have been supporting the app since the begging, and now, due to the current circumstances, are not able to keep manage to pay US $15. In my country for example, we have experienced a currency devaluation of 30% last month. That makes it unaffordable and it’s a shame.
Please consider to have at least one world and one route at US $0 for this difficult times…that is called solidarity!!!
And please don’t start saying: “if you don’t like it or you can’t pay Zwift, you can go to any other free app”…that is segregation and arrogance…

They gave £25000 to the NHS, and they’re giving at least $125000 to Doctors without Borders. If enough Zwifters participate in the Tour for All, they will double that Doctors without Borders donation. So, show your social responsibility by riding a stage of the Tour for All!


If you can’t afford it then do something about your situation which will allow you to afford it. Stop blaming the economy or pandemic for your economic situation and stop expecting free stuff.


I’ll just say I hope you’re never in an unfavorable situation where you don’t know what to do and the only thing that relieves you is exercising. Talking without being in the shoes of others is very easy. And just for your information, I have paid Zwift in the last 4 years and I could continue paying it if I wanted. I’m talking from a space of consciousness, but I see you are in such a selfish position that it prevents you from seeing, shame of you.


Let’s keep this thread civil please.

Ride On!

Zwift also has a responsibility to their own employees. There are other 2nd and 3rd order affects of them lowering the price that actually will effect people in a negative way.

I would rather Zwift keep the price the same and also look out for the livelihood of their amazing team of developers. With out them Zwift wouldn’t exist and Zwift existing is doing great things for humanity right now. Its helping people exercise, stay calm in this crazy world.


If donating to worthy causes is arrogant, I’m quite happy to be painted with that brush.

That’s a reasonable and respectful response. Thank you.

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If thinking in ways to give access to the platform, to people who are not having a good time this days is narcissistic, I’m quite happy to be painted with that brush.

Check this out:

Zwift Tour For All FAQ?


Good, thank you!

Zwift also just gave 10k to bo bikes bama charity ride


They matched donations up to 10k, and during the ride Bo said they were over 9k in donations already

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I said the same thing earlier, and you called it “arrogance and segregation.” What has changed?

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We’ve had a bunch of people asking for free Zwift and it never makes sense.
I’m not getting free insurance or water or electricity. Why would exercise be a mandatory right that Zwift should make for free? Toilet paper should be free. #freetp

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For those unable to afford Zwift, there are also other options available, some of which are free. While it might be nice if Zwift did something like you suggested, I would not expect that to happen. (And even if it did I would expect people to complain that there was not enough ‘free’ tarmac to ride.) so, vote with you dollars and cancel your subscription and go to one of the the free apps. If that happens enough perhaps Zwift will change their mind. Until then, though, they are still a business trying to survive (even if some people seem to think they are just raking it in right now.)

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Nothing different from tone and language … there are ways of saying things and here we are talking about a delicate subject, which everyone is living in their own way which you never know.
I was just giving a suggestion, without attacking anyone personally. Anyway, sorry if I was rude

I’m really curious what it was you took umbrage at in my earlier post. The first two sentences were dry and factual–no different in tone and language from @Gerrie_Delport’s post. Having thus answered your question about where Zwift’s social responsibility was, I then suggested that you could demonstrate your own social responsibility by simply participating in the Tour for All, so that we could reach the requisite number of riders for Zwift to double their charitable donation. Is it that last sentence that caused offense, and if so, why?

Same value for a lower price would be unfair…but they could offer some options at different prices and you pay for what you get. For example, for $5 you could have a plan with just one world and limited routes, or for a limit of time per day…I don’t know, but I think there are ways to be more inclusive…It’s the same when you take an insurance or buy a toilet paper, you have options, you choose and you get de value of what you pay for.

Yes, that last sentence sounded challenging to me…again, sorry if I missunderstood.

But what really bothered me was this:

“ Narcissists abound the world 'round, apparently”

That’s a personal attack, and I’m not taking this personally in any moment.