Don't have really anwer from Zwift to my Proposal

I made a proposal that is the one I preferred, why would Zwift not calculate a donation based on the number of kilometers made on his platform? This would have the advantage that each person could contribute to this effort by using Zwift. My first proposal was not to ask for a discount on the subscription. I read that Zwift had given 25,000 euros but what does this mean in terms of effort? My proposal has the advantage of involving everyone and a meter could be put online at the opening of the application to show where we are? That was my proposal, but who answers the forum, who closes the debates? one person from Zwift, if so, I would like a response to this proposal.

I’m a little confused. Are you suggesting that people pay different amounts for their Zwift subscription based on the distance they ride? In that case, a 1 hour flat ride where I go 40km would cost me more than a 1 hour climbing ride where I only go 15km. I’m using the system for the same amount of time. How is that fair? Every time I get on Zwift I would need to decide how much distance I can afford. For some people, this would be very limiting.

How far did you ride today? $7

No, thank you.

No, he wants Zwift to make a donation or something to help with COVID-19.

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Ahh. Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

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Your proposal was moved to this thread: which was closed temporarily due to personal attacks.