Zwift Tour For All FAQ

Tour for All is a new multi-stage mass participation cycling and running event, and Zwift’s largest cause-driven campaign. From May 4 to May 30 2020, we invite the community to run and ride together to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

The Tour consists of five stages. Each stage showcases some of the best riding and running that Zwift has to offer. Zwifters will have four days to complete each stage. There will be multiple events across all time zones.

Stage 1: May 4 - 7
Flat and Fun (flat routes)

Stage 2: May 5 - 11
Rolling Along (rolling routes)

Stage 3: May 12 - 15
Picture Perfect (routes with the best scenery)

Stage 4: May 16 - 19
Into the Clouds (mountain routes)

Stage 5: May 20- 23
Powered by Clubs (favorite club routes)

Make Up Week: May 24 - 30

Where do I register?
Bike: Group Rides and Races
Run: Group Runs

Is there a charitable aspect to the Tour for All?
We’re glad you asked! Zwift is kicking off the Tour with a $125,000 donation to support Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in their response to COVID-19. This donation is going straight to MSF’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund to support the organization’s global emergency response to the pandemic and its consequences. We’ll match that donation at the end of the Tour—for a total of $250,000—if 250,000 Zwifters finish at least one stage.

Can I make a personal donation?
Absolutely! We invite Tour for All participants to donate directly to MSF, amplifying the impact of our support and showing the strength of Zwift’s global community.

What kind of events are available during Tour For All?

Why did Zwift create the Tour For All?
To demonstrate that when a big community, like the Zwift community, rallies around a cause, we’re even stronger and more powerful.

Along with the sports element, a key feature of Zwift is connecting athletes across the world. A large portion of this campaign encourages conversations and creates opportunities for Zwifters to connect during home isolation.

What do I get for completing all stages?
The knowledge that you helped contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts as well keeping the stylish in-game Zwift Tour for All kit you wore for each stage!

Who are Zwift’s Partners for Tour For All?
Eurosport and Global Cycling Network!

Rapha and Zwift joined forces to create an exclusive Tour For All kit and technical T-shirt. You’ll feel good, looking good in this gear, knowing it helped COVID-19 relief efforts. All proceeds go to the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) COVID-19 Crisis Fund. Order your limited edition kit today. Fly the Tour For All colors! Together we can make a difference.

How can I withdraw from the Tour For All?
Just click through to officially withdraw. You can rejoin the fun at any time if you change your mind!

May the fourth be with us all.


Strange description of each stage as “routes with…” Do we think that Zwift will have very different routes for the stage levels?
From the pictures, it looks like Stage 1 is in the desert, Stage 2 is in Yorkshire, Stage 3 is NY, Stage 4 has a picture of the Alpe(!), and Stage 5 looks like Box Hill in London.


This seems to be missing the level of detail we’re used to seeing with events. Distances? Routes? What do we need to do to ‘complete’ the Ride For All?

I’ve signed up. Still no detail? I’ll withdraw for now until I know what I have to commit to.

I appreciate this campaign is about funds for a cause. But please don’t put priority into including links to make donations, to purchase partner gear (Rapha), and links to other partners (MSF / GCN, etc) over publishing details on what people are signing up for.


Hi Shane.

The event scheduled team is under a lot of pressure to get all the weekly events on the calendar. This event starts next week so I would assume ride details will start showing close to the weekend.


Thanks. I don’t think people want to know specific times. Distances and routes would suffice. Basic event details.


You’re right Shane, they probably do want to know some of those additional details. But I suspect there are also a lot of people who want to know what charity is being supported by this, and want links those those partners, so they can make additional donations. (The shirts; maybe I’ll agree that isn’t as necessary right now) As for “know what I have to commit to”? What’s the concern with signing up before knowing the routes? Seems to me the “commitment” is … pressing a button. There’s no implied or enforced promise to ride every stage, or even any stage, just for signing up.


Aaaarg went to get a shirt and size was not available - Please let me know when we can order them, i am excited to support brands that sponsor good causes.

This isn’t about clicking a button. It’s about knowing if we have to ride 25km or 80km for each stage.

I expect more details for the participants. Basic event details. Simple as that.


:llama: has spoken


During the Zwift Tour for All, we’re hosting some of the best professional cyclists in the world for five days of live racing.

Tune into Eurosport or download the GCN app to watch athletes from top women’s teams like CANYON//SRAM , CCC-Liv , and Boels Dolmans go head-to-head. Same goes for pros from men’s teams like Mitchelton-SCOTT , Alpecin-Fenix , NTT , and Education First .

If you’ve watched Zwift races before, you know they’re exciting and action-packed. If not, get ready for fun and dust off a cowbell to cheer the racers on.

Tune in daily May 4–8 between 6am and 8am (PDT) // 9am and 11am (EDT). And check out Eurosport’s announcement for more details.

Events are up for stages 1 & 2 too… :hugs:

Brilliant concept thanks zwift.

One question WHY have you split the race categories again?

Please can you stick to using ABCD for W/kg only and then if you want to vary distances do that by creating a separate event?

Or why not have a numerical system for distance that can by used in conjunction with number to identify distance. Eg A1 = 4-5w/kg long and A2 = 4-5w/kg short and so on. This would keep the categories separate while offering the choice on distance which you clearly wish to give.


Hi Gerrie. Generally they’re doing a good job though can I ask does anyone check the schedule as it’s coming together as often we get very similar events running back to back when zwift has loads of great courses. You’d think it should be possible to keep a rolling variety through the calendar. Eg shouldn’t have two races on same course within an hour of each other, this happens frequently.

Also please look at how events are categorised using ABCD for multiple reasons (distance / wkg) is messy. The tour for all is doing this again in the race events. I’d rather have. Separate event for long/ short using al for wkg categories than trying to squeeze into one event.

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I think the multi-stage proposal is really cool. However, why don’t they make the same format as the professionals?


In contrast to recent Pro-Am race series, the Tour For All Professional Race Series features some very challenging routes, on back to back days! Stages range in distance from approximately 45km-75km and approximately 300m-1700m in elevation with race times estimated between 75-120 minutes.

  • Stage 1 (May 4): Innsbruck’s Innsbruckring, 6 laps
    Distance: 52.9km (33 miles), Elevation Gain: 433m (1422′)
  • Stage 2 (May 5): Richmond’s Cobbled Climbs, 5 laps
    Distance: 46.2km (28.5miles), Elevation Gain 629m (2065′)
  • Stage 3 (May 6): Watopia’s Medio Fondo, 1 Lap
    Distance: 72.6km 45.1 miles) , Elevation Gain: 981m (3220′)
  • Stage 4 (May 7): Watopia’s Sand and Sequoias, 2 Laps
    Distance: 42.8km (26.6miles), Elevation Gain: 294m (958′)
  • Stage 5 (May 8): Watopia’s Quatch Quest, 1 Lap
    Distance: 46.5km (28.9 miles), Elevation Gain: 1682m (5520′)

It would be really cool for ZWIFT to create a Stage race in this style, but giving at least 30 days notice for programming.

Will I be able to do the 5 consecutive steps after the last step? Will they be made available in race format?

hi guys just done stage 1 ride with Hannah Barnes and whilst all showing on timeline and got banner to sow completed its not showing in progress for event?

Ideas please.



Edit - mine has apparently been credited as a run too, tho not showing on the run progress either.
Also didnt get the e_mail some one mentioned on completion. Never have for any tour/mission.

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Same here: finished the Stage 1 A (long) with a TT (crossed finish line and saw the time ‘results’).
Companion shows the summary of the ride with Tour for All picture (the distance is added to the Ceramic mission) but there is no tick on the Tour #1 box in the Zwift launch screen.
I have registered for the Tour a few days ago.
Edit: nothing shows that the stage 1 is complete on my ride Tour web page.

2nd edit: instead of being registered as a ride (I also received the completion email as ride) , it has been validated as a run !!

Same here, completed Group Ride (B) 12.01 event and received a completion email. Yet, on the webpage and in game it appears like I did not.

Raced stage 1 in group D at 10.10 this morning. 18 km into the race Zwift crashed and that was obviously game over for me. Tried to get back in, but could of course not enter the race again, just resume the workout. Rode the distance, but DNF the stage. Anyone else had problems or was it just me and my internet connection? Run the app on Ipad and have switched of all other bluetooth stuff to avoid conflicts. Guess I just have to ride the stage again…

Any chance we have our shirts/jerseys in time to wear during the tour? Thanks! Looking forward to this!