Tour de Zwift 2020 Running FAQ

Tour de Zwift is a multi-stage event where you can run, ride (or both!) the many worlds in the game. Experience both the ultra-realism and supernatural in the span of a few weeks.

When does Tour de Zwift start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on Jan 12th. The final stage finishes on Feb 8th.

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available from Feb 9th to Feb 16th, after Stage 7 completes. During that one week, we’ll host events to cover all 7 stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure you plan to finish the missing stage accordingly.

What do I get for completing all stages?
We won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s nice and shiny. Finish the tour and see it for yourself!

Are there races I can run?
No races are planned at this time.
We encourage you to join a group run at a pace you are comfortable with to knock out each stage.
If you feel taking on a new challenge, up the pace group by one and see if you can keep up with the pack.

Do you need to both ride and run to complete Tour de Zwift?
No. We encourage you to try to complete both Tour de Zwift challenges but you will not need to do both.

I’d like to run and ride all of Tour de Zwift.
We are impressed by your levels of heroism! You’ll receive TWO unlocks for your achievements.

How should I determine what pace group I am in?
Look at your 10k time to determine how fast your pace is.
Keep in mind that these runs are long to allow you to see more of the worlds.

How long do I have to complete each stage?
Each stage will be available for four days before moving onto the next.

Can I free run or race the distance without joining a group run?
No, you must join the group runs to complete the stage.
We will offer multiple group runs per day to help with schedules.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
No, as the Tour follows a specific order.
You’ll need to wait for the next stage to be available in order to complete that stage.

Register via these websites:
Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling:
Tour de Zwift 2020 Running:

Starting next week, you can also sign up in the Zwift game app.

Neither links or companion app are working for me for those events.


Odd. What do you see when you go to ?

Both links work as expected for me on my desktop browser and smartphone browser. Here’s what I see on my phone:

Starting next week, you will be able to register in the game app as well as via web. You will not be able to register through Zwift Companion app.

Doesn’t work for me either. Anytime I click on the link it says “Oops something went wrong.” It does change the URL to and since I’m in Canada.

Thanks for letting us know what you’re seeing. We’re looking into the localized redirects.

Our web team is aware this location-based issue and working on a fix. It might be Monday before that’s pushed out.

In the meantime: if you would like to register for Tour de Zwift this weekend, here is a workaround:

  1. Go to your your profile under
  2. Change the location flag to United States temporarily
  3. Go back to or
  4. The page should load as a US-based rider and you should be able to register.
  5. Go back to your profile and change your location flag back.

Sorry for the trouble, everyone, and thank you @Darren_McCarthy and @Jesse_Langevin for making us aware of it!

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I am getting same ’ oops something went wrong’ with URL eu instead of ca as I am in Ireland.

Work around worked perfectly and I was able to register for both tours.

Thanks a lot.


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The web team has fixed this issue, and the temporary workaround should not be needed. If anyone continues to see problems, please let us know.

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I’m not able to access the running sign up. When I go to the Zwift site, I can see the biking sign-up, but when I use the links provided above, I get to a black screen that shows the Zwift logo and the menu at the bottom of the Zwift webpages, but that’s it.

Any suggestions?

We’re making some changes to the signup webpage today. We appreciate your patience.

what are the stage distances?

Some specifics on the problem:
I clicked the link in the invitation email that took me to the TdZ Schedule page
I logged in - back at the TdZ page

Stage 1 appears first, and an area to register for the ride with a greyed-out Join A button
I click the Stage 1 “Date” dropdown - nothing shows up
I click the Stage 1 “Time” dropdown - nothing shows up

Next, I switched from Chrome to Edge
I copied the URL, logged in, same experience

I can’t register

I’m in the US
I am responding to an email campaign from Zwift

London: it seems one group for 16 Km

I noticed the 16km distance on the Zwift website but it says 5.4km in the companion app. I would love to see the stages being 16km but I doubt that’s the case. The 16km must be including the lead-in to the classique route. Where would this event start?

I think that’s for the cycling portion, the run portion is using the classique course. However, there seems to be conflicting info on the actual distance.

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You are correct, I was thinking cycling. I will delete my posts above. Thanks for the correction.

Ok now that I am looking at running I found this.

So the lap distance is 5.4km and the lead-in is 10.6km so that is a 16.1km run.


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@shooj could you provide some clarification on the distance for stage 1? Zwift companion is showing 5.7km but the screen shot provided above shows a 10+km lead-in. Is the stage 5.7km or over 16km?